Study Proves That Scalp Massages Can Re Grow Your Hair

We all know that scalp massages can do wonders for our hair growth. As a matter of fact on every single post, we do on the subject of growth we always include scalp stimulation because increased blood flow to the hair follicles can jump start growth.

With that said even though we say this all the time it is great to see a real scientific study you can refer to, and be able to say without a doubt, that ‘hey this works’!

At the University of Hong Kong, a study was done involving 100 men and women who were balding. The idea was that they were supposed to do a particular massage technique for 10 months and regrow healthy hair again.
According to the study:
results demonstrated that all of them could have their hair regrown naturally and healthily.
The study was conducted by Dr. H Choy and as I mentioned there is a specific technique to the scalp massage. You are supposed to massage your head for 20 minutes twice per day. According to Dr. Choy, the reason growth is stunted is because of the trapped sebum blocking the hair follicle.
As you knead and rub the scalp you loosen the sebum on the scalp allowing the follicles to work the way they should again. In addition to this the increased blood flow will keep your follicles healthy and in the study all of the people who participated regrew 90% of their hair.

How crazy is that?

Here is my thing though, what about genetics because literally everyone on my mother’s side suffer from baldness which leads me to believe there is a genetic factor to consider. When addressing that subject Dr. Choy said this:
Many people believe genetic factors [5] are responsible for the appearance of baldhead in Figure 1(b). As for the premature hair loss, as one grows, it is believed to be due to hereditary, inadequate hair care, illness, accidents, etc. When the time flies, one had to live permanently with hair loss. With much advancement in hair technology, it seems the regrowth is of possibility. Many approaches for overcoming the baldhead problems [6,7]
Frankly this does not definitively link genetics to baldness not does it refute it so I am inclined to think that there is a possibility that you can regrow your hair using scalp massages and that the genetic factor has to do with other things that are related to baldness in a relative way.

What I mean is, there might be a possibility that genetics dictates your sensitivity to things like stress, bad hair care, illness. My mother’s hair falling out due to stress is her natural reaction based on her genetics in comparison to my father who may not loose his hair.

What do you all think about this study? I know that I will be amping up my scalp massages from now on!

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