7 of the Cutest Natural Hairstyles for Young Girls

It’s no secret, natural hair is here to stay. While many choose to perm their child’s hair in the interest of removing its curls and kinks, many others have opted to embrace the texture of their child’s hair and to find ways to maximize its beauty. Nevertheless, being that natural hair is a relatively new phenomenon for some, many are unaware of how to properly care for and/or style their daughter’s natural hair.

Especially as they begin to develop and mature, it can be difficult to find the right hairstyles for older girls who may even begin to acquire a new interest in possibly using chemicals in order to straighten their hair. Not to worry, the following is an overview of 7 natural hairstyles that are perfect for girls of all ages.
1. A Fro for All Ages 
myhairtherapie source
Source: myhairtherapie

One simply beautiful style that is great for girls of all ages and hair textures, the Afro is an absolutely adorable natural hairstyle for young girls. A style that can be achieved in an array of ways, using a variety of products and methods, the most beautiful thing about the Afro is that no two are exactly alike.

Whether it’s a simple TWA (teenie weenie Afro) or a fierce and fluffy puff of awesomeness, there is no such thing as an ugly Afro. Depending on the length and hair texture of the child, there are always options in terms of how to style the Afro. Fluff it out, enhance the curls, add a bow or a part, the possibilities are endless. Confused as to where to begin? Check out this tutorial on creating a fluffy and soft Afro with a bit of texture!

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2. Two Strand Twist It
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Another great natural hairstyle for girls of all ages, two-strand twists are an awesome styling method with an array of options. No matter is their hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, two-strand twists are a style that is fairly simple to install and can last for days or even weeks at a time.

Achieved by beginning with hair that is clean and dry or damp, depending on the type and condition of one’s hair, is what ensures that everyone’s twists are different. The straightest forward way to install two-strand twists is to section the hair into four parts, and depending on the intended size, part each section into smaller rows to begin twisting the hair. For more information about styling and installing two-strand twists, check out this tutorial!
 3. Children of the Cornrows
 newshana2015 source
 Source: newshana2015

Slightly ignoring the obvious RHOA reference, cornrow styles are actually a fun way to style any girl’s hair. Whether you opt for straight backs, designs, installing extensions, or any other method, there is a cornrow style for Naturalistas of all ages.

Achieved by beginning with hair that is clean and damp or dry, installing cornrows involves using the same method as single braids, but the hair is platted in a narrow strip that sits directly on the scalp. If you are interested in learning more about how to install cornrows or cornrow styling options.

4. Braid or Twist-Hawk
 A fun, edgy style for girls of all hair types and lengths, the braid or twist hawk (a mohawk-like style made from braids or twists) is a cute style that can last your girl all week. Achieved by installing cornrows from the edges of the head and braiding them inward, these cute styles are great from around age four, on up. Are you interested in trying this style on the young girl in your life? Check out this tutorial for more ideas on creating the perfect natural hawk!
5. A Braided Puff
remilakus_natural_beauty_salon sourc
 Source: remilakus_natural_beauty_salon

Another great style for girls of all ages, a braided puff is essentially the same style as a high puff ball, with cornrows installed surrounding the puff. Achieved by braiding the outer part of your hair and picking or plucking the middle area of your hair into a puff ball, this style is great with added braids, but is also awesome without them. For more information on how to achieve this style, click here!

6. A Twist-Out

 Another gorgeous style that is different on each natural head, twist-outs are an easy way to add a bit of glam to the young Naturalista in your life. Achieved by simply twisting the hair in two-strand twists, separating the twists, and fluffing them into an afro-like style, twist-outs look gorgeous on all hair types and lengths. For more information on twist-out styles, click here!

7. Natural Freestyle

Lastly, once you have learned enough styles, feel free to experiment! Try new products, methods, etc. Just go with it!

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