Which Has Been More Expensive For You – Relaxed Hair Or Natural Hair?

Natural hair versus relaxed hair

Some people are of the view that maintaining natural hair is more costly compared to relaxed hair. Well I beg to differ from this school of thought basing on my own experience and the following points.

My groceries serve a two-fold purpose
I eat them and I know that my hair eats as well, so I utilize my fridge and pantry contents for deep conditioning like eggs, mayonnaise, banana, avocado, sour cream or greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar etc.  I use the same oil like canola and sunflower oil for my hair and also use this for cooking.
When my hair was relaxed I used to buy the hair food, the olive oil hair spray, deep conditioner which used to cost be almost $15.00 each. Then I used to relax my hair every month myself and the relaxer cost me $10.00.
I am my own and my kids hair dresser
I am soley responsible for my hair and my girl’s hair therefore I do not have to go to the salon. I do not need anyone to straighten, trim, or provide any of my hair’s basic needs.
I say this because I have met naturals who go to the hairdressers to have their hair washed and straightened almost every two weeks. This would be a regular cost to them but for me, it’s free.

Minimal costs for keeping it healthy, well-conditioned and frizz free
I deep condition my hair and my kids hair every week and seal it with oil and then install a protective style on my kids hair.

I keep mine in a single French braid, 2 French braid or bun, or some other protective style until the next wash day. My kids sleep on a satin pillow cases which I bought for about $2.00 each. I tie a satin wrap on my pillow which I bought for $5.00 and I have not had to replace it since my initial purchase.
With all that said based on my experience, my natural hair is costing me far less money that I did when I was relaxed. What about you? Is your natural hair cheaper or more expensive than your relaxed hair?

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