4 Ways to Bring Your Edges Back From Exile

A receding hairline or “bald edges” can really take away from a woman’s beauty. Rather than dealing with the issue, many have resorted to covering up the problem with a weave or wig, while others turn to supplements or “hair growth pills.” While those are great ways to temporarily deal with the issue, the best way to ensure that your hair grows back is to do away with the bad practices which led to the problem, and incorporate healthy hair habits into your regimen. Prevention is better than cure.
1. Retire the weaves and wigs
Weaves and wigs are actually one of the causes of balding edges, especially when they’re fixed so tight that you can feel your edges being pulled. To cover up your thin edges, and if your workplace permits, I would suggest wearing a loose head wrap, or wrapping a thin scarf around your edges. If this isn’t an option for you, try looser wigs and ask your stylist to braid and sew the wig on very loosely.

2. Be Gentle
The hair surrounding your hairline is very sensitive and fragile. You’ll need to be extra careful with this area since the hair isn’t as resistant and “tough” as the mature hair all over your scalp. This means general manipulation like brushing, combing, braiding and detangling must be done with extra care.

3. Keep Your Styles Loose
Aside from wigs and extensions, tight natural hairstyles such as afro puffs, ponytails and tight pin up styles can be detrimental.

For those who like to wear headbands often, opt for looser and thicker headbands that won’t put too much stress on your edges or pull at them when taken off. You can also opt for silk/satin headwraps or headbands which easily slide on and off without creating any friction.

It’s best to limit wearing headbands or any hairstyle that puts too much stress on the edges. On days when these styles are worn,  make sure that you change up your style by taking down the puff or headband after a few hours so that your edges can relax.

frequent use of this type of accessory can cause bald edges,especially at the back
4. Keep extensions lightweight
A lot of women like to wear tiny and heavy braids, which can be detrimental to the overall health of our hair. Heavy braids which pull on the hair can cause our edges to vanish as the tiny hair strands are being uprooted. This can also affect the potential growth of new hair. Opting for lighter extensions such as Marley hair and braiding bigger chunks of hair will reduce the tension on the hair, and help to ensure that your edges are not yanked off by those heavy extensions.

hair was parted chunky and Marley hair was used
How do you keep your edges from going on exile?

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