How to Raise Children That Love Their Natural Hair and Beauty

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Loving and appreciating ourselves should begin as early as possible. When a person feels great about who they are and how they look, it greatly increases the chances that they grow up happy, healthy and successful in their lives. Here are some ways to ensure that our young ones are growing up loving their natural hair and beauty:

  1. Surround them with positive images of themselves. Media images, movies, music, magazines, tv, dolls, and artwork all have great impacts, both consciously and subconsciously. Have the environment paint a positive reflection of that child. When images of themselves are reinforced positively, they will struggle less with trying to define themselves in a world where they are not accurately represented.
  2. Refer to them and their hair in loving and positive ways. We all know the negative words that have been used to describe our hair and how we look, but it is important to use positive and loving words instead.  “Beautifully thick and strong”, “healthy”, “good”, “ nice” and “pretty” are great words to use on a regular basis. Look for all of the positive attributes about your child naturally and focus on those.
  3. Style hair together. Not only is it fun to do, it is a great way to bond. There have been many traditions of hairstyling through the centuries. Why not continue the tradition making if fun and enjoyable? Make sure that is loving and caring, so it is best to carve out some dedicated time where you are both relaxed, positive, and upbeat. Put on a movie, music, or just use the time to talk and connect. You can style the child’s hair, or teach the child to style their own as you style yours. You may even want to let the child style YOUR hair. You never know what hidden talents the young one may have. Despite the outcome, keep up the positive encouragement. Whatever way you decide to do it, make it a special time.
  4. Educate them on hair history.  Let them know what you know about the history of their hair or educate yourself and then share. Show them the contributions that have been made in the past, the traditions and cultural aspects from ancient times, or hair styling through the ages. This is a great way to provide education, culture, and awareness and you can connect and tie in other important educational info as well.
  5. Be the example. The best way to teach a young one to love themselves is to watch the adults and role models in their lives loving themselves as well. Are you an accurate reflection of the love you want the child in your life to have? How do you refer to your own hair or natural beauty?

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