How To Get Straightened Hair Laid Like It’s a Relaxer

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CAUTION! This may prove to be strong reading for those strongly opposed to heat styling to achieve straightened hair. Silicones and wax may be featured.

Now that we’ve got that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about how you can get straightened hair with a flat iron that will fool others into thinking you got a relaxer. If you are able to pull it off we are talking major slayage so let:s get right to it:

The Prep Stage For Maximum Straightened Hair Slayage
Depending on what condition your hair is in, you may need to do a protein treatment before you do a moisture treatment. If your hair is quite porous a protein treatment with a re-constructor may be needed, otherwise a protein conditioner may suffice. Either way, you want to ensure your hair is strong because applying heat to already weak, brittle, protein deficient hair is just asking for trouble.
Whatever the condition of your hair you also need a good cleanse and deep conditioning session. In order to get perfectly straightened hair you have to ensure that you properly cleanse your hair to rid it of any product build-up, dirt and sweat.
This gives you a clean slate to work with. You want to do this so that the deep conditioning works well. Deep conditioning locks in moisture so that your hair does not suffer dryness going into the heat application step. Moisture must be infused into the hair, otherwise you won’t have the great end product that you desire and you will end up with lots of frizz and split ends.

woman making a listThe Product List
If you are going to do a protein treatment Aphogee Re-constructor is one of the most popular products on the market but do your own research to decide what is best for you based on your hair’s needs.

There are also countless protein conditioners if you only require light protein; one of the most popular being the VO5 Moisture Milk series that are about a dollar a pop.

To clarify use a good shampoo and follow with a good moisturizing conditioner; be it a commercial brand or your own deep conditioning mix that you mix up in your kitchen. Whatever you decide, just make sure it works for your hair. If you are unsure about the products you wish to use, seek out reviews and do a strand test before committing to it.

Products with silicone can be quite beneficial to you in the conditioning process as well as for the protectants you will add to the hair in preparation to treat with heat. Of course, if you are anti-cones, there are alternatives such as grapeseed oil, cocoa butter and argan oil.

The products you will need to ensure your style is locked in include anti-humidity or anti-reversion spritz, sprays or hair milk; however, in the event you are in a humid state or country, chances are you will need to use a texture management system that assists in keeping hair straight or you may need to apply curling wax.

Now here’s the thing, most curling waxes have petroleum or parafin so they are great at combating humidity. That’s really how stylists really get that hair to lay like a relaxer.
You may need a blow dryer (preferably one with a comb attachment). If your blow dryer has no comb attachment you may need a paddle brush or a round brush to help you stretch the hair so heat can pass through the strands evenly.

A flat iron that has ceramic or tourmaline plates is ideal. If you have one that infuses steam that will be a big plus. Some persons opt for an Instyler over a flat iron since it is ergonomically designed with a brush and a rounded edge that makes bunting or curling easier on straightened hair.

You will also need clips to keep the hair sectioned off as well as a rat tail comb to do the comb and chase method with the flat iron if you are not using an Instyler.

The Process
After you’ve done your treatment, cleanse and deep conditioning, you need to be sure to carefully but thoroughly detangle your hair. This way you don’t suffer excessive or undue breakage when blow-drying the hair or doing the comb chase method with the rat tail comb and the flat iron or whatever heat styling tool you will use to straighten your hair.

You will then need to stretch your hair either with a heat-less blowout or an actual blowout using heat. Section off the hair and work in small sections and applying your heat protectant or anti-humidity product. If you are using a curling wax, apply it to each small section of hair you will flat iron.

When apply the heat it’s best to start from the back then roll the heat treated sections to keep them out of the way so that you don’t hit one spot with heat too much. Try to angle the brush downward as you blowdry the hair so you can stretch it enough to only require one pass with the flat iron.

when you’ve finished your whole head, use an anti humidity hair spray to set the style. after a minute, wrap the hair around your head and wrap with saran wrap. Finally, sit under a hooded dryer for 10-15 minutes. Take off the saran wrap and gently comb your hair into the desired shape. That’s how you slay straightened hair like it’s relaxed.

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