The Inversion Method – Grow 1 Inch Of Hair In 7 Days!

inversion method 1 inch in 7 days

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Sensationalist headlines are very much part of our daily lives. An average day is so full of distractions, particularly online, that editors have learned to become, let’s say ‘creative’ with their titles to drive clicks to websites or increase circulation for newspapers and magazines.

However, in this instance the title of this article is completely accurate. The inversion method is the newest craze in the hair care community that reportedly allows you to grow an inch of hair in a week.
Actually ‘new’ is an overstatement (there goes the sensationalism again). This method has been around for years and I remember distinctly reading about it a year or two ago.
But at the time there were so many other hair methods, tricks and techniques coming out for hair growth; tea rinses, peppermint oil, the green house effect that it became overwhelming to try to remember them all.

For me and many others the inversion method was essentially dismissed as hair folklore.
Recently however, this method has resurfaced with many ladies searching for information and results so I decided to put my research hat on and dig out the what’s, how’s and when’s of this method of rocket fueling your hair growth.

What Is The Inversion Method For Hair Growth?
Simply put this method involves turning your head upside down for 4 minutes a day for 7 consecutive days per month (no more). You should couple this with a scalp massage with an oil of your choice.

How Does It Work?
The principal is simple. Essentially by massaging your scalp and turning your head upside down, blood chock full of nutrients rushes to your head and scalp thereby providing the ideal environment for hair growth. Essentially you are tricking your body into thinking that there is a huge abundance of nutrients so as a result there is an increase in hair growth.

It works in a similar way as many hair growth supplements that contain agents, niacin being an example,  that increase blood supply to the scalp thereby boosting hair growth.
The massage aspect of the method also bears close resemblance to the common method of increasing hair growth with scalp massages.
How To Do The Inversion Method
It’s easy peasy really . . .
Upside downMeasure a small piece of your hair and take a photo. An inch is not a great deal in the greater scheme of things so you are unlikely to see a difference with your naked eye.

Place the oil in an suitable applicator bottle then heat it up in a mug of hot water. You can also do this in the microwave (not too hot of course, just warm). Apply a little oil to your scalp and massage thoroughly making sure to get the entire scalp.

After that invert yourself in the way you find most comfortable. You can stand with your head touching your knees, do a dramatic upside down yoga pose or just lie or sit on your bed and allow your head to drop down.
Stay inverted for 4 minutes and repeat this for 7 consecutive days. That’s it!

How Often To Do It
Can you do the inversion method every day for a month to gain 4 inches? Errm, no. Have you ever heard of people becoming blind later in life and then finding that their other senses become enhanced very quickly thereafter? Yes, the sting in the tail is that the human body adapts pretty quickly so if done too often, the inversion method will simply stop working as your body adapts to it.
The consensus seems to be that you should only do this method for 1 week per month. Get your inch and that’s it, don’t be greedy!

Possible side effects
Head rush – Not a problem of course unless you are ill or preggers. The method should only be done by healthy individuals.
Vertigo – Same as head rush.
Scalp build up – That oil’s not going anywhere folks so those sensitive to build up may find themselves dealing with itchiness. Small price to pay for an inch of hair I would imagine but certainly worth mentioning.
Aside from that I really can’t forsee any major issues.

tape measureNone scientific of course but lots of anecdotal evidence on youtube and instagram so take your pick and be inspired.
Among others one of the most compelling videos I have found so far is by YouTuber JourneyToWaistLength who did the method for a week and indeed her hair appears to have grown by an inch in 7 days.

The applicator bottle that she is using is the Roots Only comb applicator bottle.

Wanna try?
The way I see it and correct me if I’m wrong, the worst that could happen if it doesn’t work is that you waste a bit of oil or get a head rush. It’s certainly a safer hair growth technique than taking supplements in my book so there’s little reason not to try.
Being a slow grower myself I am suitably skeptical but I will certainly be giving it a go.
Will you try the inversion technique? Post your process and results in the comments below.

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