My Five 2016 Hair Goals After Dealing With Postpartum Shedding


So it’s that time again when most people are getting caught up in the euphoria that usually comes with the festive season of Christmas.

We are analyzing our achievements as the year winds down and we are working on  strategies for the year ahead; making all sorts of new year’s resolutions. It’s no surprise then that a natural hair enthusiast such as I would have a few hair goals for 2016. Here’s my list:
1. Stave off the effects of postpartum shedding
Remember how last year I was reeling off posts about postpartum shedding and how to address it? Well that little bundle of joy is now 1 years old and my edges recovered quickly based on the measures I took in anticipation of hair loss after her delivery.

It turns out that my little bundle will now become the middle child as a bouncing baby boy is on the way  :-) . Of course that means another round of postpartum shedding  :-( . Anyhoo, since I managed to recover my hairline in a relatively short time with the measures I mentioned in those postpartum posts, I think I’ll be uber prepared for that.

2. Celebrate my 3 years healthy hair journey
I had decided back in 2013 when I started my hair journey that I would not use heat for a couple of years. It wasn’t hard since prior to that I only straightened my hair once per year.
The intent was to get a blow out and have my hair saran wrapped at the end of January to celebrate. Well, what with the little fella scheduled for February I think I might delay that until December 2016. We’ll see how it goes.

3. More protective styling
Owing to the fact that hair loves to be free when it is recovering from extreme shedding, I all but neglected my hair this entire year. Sure I washed it weekly, moisturized and sealed often, stuck to a finger detangling only regimen and kept it in buns; but, I really did little else.

I think I may just get myself one of those little bob wigs (hmmm, doubtful). At the very least I think loose twists and rope twists will be making a comeback in my 2016 regimen.
4. Juicing more often
I juice maybe once per week. How could I not when I live in a tropical country with all these exotic fruits and a host of other good stuff?

The thing is, I don’t generally juice as part of my hair care regimen, I just do it because it tastes good and I prefer that for the children as opposed to store bought juice with artificial preservatives and sugars. After paying attention to Jenell B and Pinkstarnute, I think I will boost my growth by juicing for hair health in 2016.

5. Get some henna
This is last on my list because even though it’s probable, it is a tad bit unlikely that I’ll go wild red with henna. I am good about stocking up on my cassia obovata over at Hennasooq, but I think I’ll go ahead and get me some henna as well.

Now I like seeing the vibrant colors on other people’s kinks and coils but I’m not really into coloring my own hair. Still, I have been seeing a bit more salt and pepper action than I care for so maybe some henna and indigo for 2016? We’ll see.

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