2 Inches Of Hair Growth In 5 Days? Inversion Method, Hairdrenalin Potion And Bamboo Leaf Tea

2 Inches Of Hair Growth In 5 Days - inversion method, hairdrenalin potion bamboo leaf tea

Not too long ago a story broke in the media of a woman who tried to rob a Beauty Supply Store of $850 worth of hair weaves. The woman got involved in a violent altercation with the shop owner and at one point the woman’s little baby was caught up in the fight and fell from her stroller as it was being flung around.

After pleading guilty to attempted robbery, the woman was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Now the point I am making with this story is that there’s a reason why black women who form 12% of America’s population are consumers of over 33% of hair care products. Basically we take our hair very seriously.

Yes I know that the title sound ludicrous and we all know that every few weeks yet another lotion, potion or technique of speeding up hair growth is released but still you couldn’t resist clicking through to see what this one was about.
As a hair blogger I have seen and heard more than most when it comes to hair care and even though I reached my goal length a long time ago, I have to admit to a burning curiosity any time I come across a fast hair growth technique and this is one is too fascinating not to share.

This particular method was shared by YouTuber longNhealthy (videos to follow) who while doing the inversion method decided to change a couple of things and see if they improved her results. And oh boy, did thye ever! She claims to have received 2 inches of hair growth in 5 days.
Here’s what she did:

1. The Inversion Method
Inversion method
If you don’t already know what the inversion method is then click here to read the full article. But the summary version is that you apply warm oil to your scalp and massage it, then turn upside down, either hanging off the side of your bed or bending over for 4 minutes each day. This increases blood flow to the scalp area.
You do this every day for 7 consecutive days and the method promises that you will see a growth increase of 1 inch in a week. LongNhealthy had already been getting good results from the inversion method but she decided to enhance the results with the these two extra tweaks…
2. The Hairdrenalin Potion
Hairdrenalin potion
Yes for real, that’s what it’s called! The hairdrenalin potion is what she used as her hair oil while doing the inversion method. The oil itself promises to give you 3 inches of hair growth in 7 weeks.
Now when it’s all mixed up it definitely looks like the original cause of the black death but perhaps knowing it’s home-made from all natural ingredients should ease your worries about applying it on your scalp. Here’s what you need…

16oz clear castor oil or Jamaican black castor oilCastor oil is great for regrowing bald spots in people suffering from alopecia.

45 black tea bags – Black tea contains caffeine which stimulates hair growth.
30 biotin pills 5000mcgBiotin is the original hair growth supplement and also stimulates hair growth and thickens hair too.
½ bottle cayenne pepper We wrote something recently on cayenne pepper being used as a hair growth aid
4 large squirts of onion oil – Onion is also commonly used to stimulate hair growth and we recent wrote a post on an onion juice hair growth aid.
2 large squirts of garlic oil – Garlic is known to stop shedding and is commonly used in some medicated shampoos.

Stocking or cheesecloth to strain the oil
You will also need an oven preheated to 200 degrees f
Pour the castor oil into an oven proof dish (she used a loaf pan). Add just the contents of the tea bags, not the bags themselves to the oil and also pour in the contents of the biotin capsules into the mix and not the whole capsule. I would imagine that if you use biotin pills you can crush them before adding to the mix.

Mix the concoction really well then put in the oven for and no less than 5 hours but no more than 5 ½ hours, yes beauty takes a looooong time! The cooking time allows the ingredients to fully infuse into the oil. After the time has elapsed strain the oil through the stocking/cheesecloth.

Now add the onion and garlic oils in a 2:1 ratio to your strained oil mix. In the video (at the end of the post) she says ‘drops of oil’ but they look more like large squirts to me. Shake the bottle to combine.

She also recommends a dark colored bottle to store the oil in but it appears that a normal applicator bottle works just as well. And that’s your hairdrenalin potion made!

My thoughts on this recipe
What can I say, there’s no smoke without fire and this oil is a veritable mixture of many individual ingredients that have been proven scientifically to enhance hair growth. I can definitely see how this mix would be considered a powerful growth stimulant once you get over the color of course!
She didn’t say anything about warming up the oil daily but seeing as she didn’t heat up the garlic and onion oils during the cooking process I would assume that it’s probably best not to.
PS – You also have to store the oil in the fridge for long term use and it lasts quite a long time
3. Bamboo Leaf Tea
Bamboo leaf tea
The third tweak was that she drank bamboo leaf tea which helps stimulate hair growth. Bamboo actually has the highest plant form of silica, think about how hard bamboo is and you will understand how great silica is for strong hair and nails.

Now she didn’t mention if she drank it every day but I think it’s a safe bet to assume that she did. If you love tea anyway then a cup of this hydrating mineral rich drink won’t be too much of a hardship to take daily.

So without further ado, here’s the video on her extraordinary growth:

Here’s the video on how to make the diy hairdrenalin potion:

Final thoughts
Just like the original inversion method unless you have a medical condition or perhaps a sensitivity to any of the ingredients I don’t see too much wrong with trying this method of boosting your hair growth.

If you have very light colored hair then I would definitely give the hairdrenalin potion a miss because the black tea in the recipe will stain your hair. If your hair is already black/dark brown, you don’t have a problem.
I am more inclined to use topical hair growth aids rather than ingest supplements which have caused me issues in the past. And between you and me, the ingredients that I need for the hairdrenalin potion recipe plus that bamboo leaf tea are winging their way to me right now from Amazon, yes it got me curious enough to want to try!

I’m pretty sure that individual results will vary and your increase in hair growth probably depends on your current hair growth rate and of course how diligent you are at doing the method.

Still 7 days a month out of your life to massage your scalp with oil isn’t much to ask so with that said, I would love to hear your thoughts on this and whether you will be trying it.

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