This Revolutinary Hair Brush Will Straighten Your Kinks And Curls Just Like A Flat Iron

DAFNI brush

A few days ago, I saw a video floating around Facebook of a brush that could actually be used as a flat iron. It was being used on a Caucasian girl, and the comments were so funny because everyone was absolutely sure that the tool could not work on a black girl’s kinks and curls and immediately dismissed it.

Well since then Kimberly Satterwhite a black mom tested it on her daughter’s hair and the results were astonishing. The tool is called Dafni Ceramic Straightening Brush, and Kimberly just grabbed a chuck of her daughters hair, straightened it using the brush while recording the whole thing.
As you can imagine the video went viral and we all want one so bad now! Check out Kimberly’s Facebook video below:

It is a ceramic iron that heats up to about 185 degrees in under one minute. The company responsible for the invention is based in Italy and states that brushing is the “ultimate intuitive way to self style your hair”. According to the Dafni website.
Brushing is the ultimate most intuitive way to self-style the hair, hair is to be brushed and not ironed. Therefore, the DAFNI brush is a natural and convenient way to style both the front and the back of the hair!
Furthermore, the DAFNI brush consists of a unique 3D surface that is substantially wider than a traditional straightener; hence the brush styles very large strands of hair in each stroke and can shorten the straightening time by as much as ten times.
For example, if you would normally straighten your hair in 30 minutes, with DAFNI you will be good to go in about 2-3 minutes. If your hair would normally take 45 minute with a straightener you will achieve your polished look in about 5-6 minutes with DAFNI.
What do you guys think about this brush? I have to say, I kinda want one!

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