There Was A Time I Was Afraid Of What Others Would Think About My Natural Hair

curly hair 

As a newly natural gal’, and one who is currently on a protective style binge, I always enjoy the days when I take down my protective style (which has consistently been crochet braids for the past couple of months) and spend a week or two rocking my natural hair.

However, I found myself questioning if whether I would wear my hair in it’s full fluffy blown out state to work, or “play it safe” and throw on a quick wig that I could just take off when I got home that evening.

I mean, the fact that I had to think about how my natural hair would affect those around me, or what would they think when they saw my hair, is a bit embarrassing.
Yet, it’s real. I’ve had many experiences where people ask to “touch” my hair, or even, more recently, side eye me on the subway because my hair was out in a full fro.
I hate to admit that I decided on wearing the wig to work during the week just because I didn’t want to answer questions about why my hair is different from the previous week, or what do I do to my hair, or “can I touch it.”

But at the same time, I feel as though that was a cop out. It shouldn’t matter how my natural hair affects anyone, and if anybody comments- who cares!
I am really excited about my next protective style break, and I am going to apologetically rock my natural coils every single day. I’m not going to hide them, because essentially, I’m hiding a piece of myself, or saying that theres a part of me that I should be ashamed of because it’s not “the norm.”
So, if you are wondering what someone is going to think about your natural- whether it be coworkers, like in my situation, or your family, or even a boyfriend, then I suggest you put on your Big Girl pants, and be you! You are beautifully and wonderfully made, and whether anybody likes it or not, your natural hair is apart of that package.

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