How To Get Beautiful and Vibrant Ombre Blue Crochet Braids


Coloring and dying my hair is always going to be one of those things that make me feel a little nervous inside because a million things can go wrong.

What if it comes out the wrong color? What if I damage my hair and curl pattern? What happens if I don’t like it? There are so many “what ifs” that make dying my hair such a big step.

Luckily for me-and many other women- weaves, wigs, and hair extensions have given us a way to experiment with our hairstyles and color without having to touch our real hair at all.
One style that is becoming increasingly popular among both natural and relaxed women are crochet braids. Crochet braids are basically hair extensions that are crocheted into cornrows with a latch hook tool.  This style not only looks very natural, but it gives length, volume, and versatility.

YouTuber Sadora Paris killed two birds with one stone by solving both the color and versatility problem by creating a tutorial for ombre blue crochet braids!

I know, I know- blue sounds like a really crazy color but Sadora did a great job blending it with black and making it look natural.

The great thing about this tutorial is that it can be recreated with alternatives. Perhaps you want to use your natural hair for this look but you’re not too fond of crochet braids and you don’t want to use hair dye; You can use color clip ins, Anastasia Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powder, or BWild Color Spray for a look that is quick, easy, and temporary!

Watch the fabulous Sadora Paris show you how to get the look below.

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