A Lesson From The KiKi Sheard Wig Incident – 3 Ways To Secure Your Wig


On social media Gospel singer Kierra “KiKi” Sheard shared the a video where she literally loses her wig while doing what she does best —Going super hard on stage!

KiKi Sheard was at the One Place Live Tour Atlanta and she was rocking the stage and in mid song she did a little head twirl thing that was a bit too much for her hair.

That wig took flight honey which for anyone would be embarrassing but KiKi was a great sport about it, putting the video on Instagram for all the world to see.

In honor of KiKi being such a good sport about it, we have some tips on how you can keep your wig in place during any sort of strenuous activity:
1. Wig tape
This inst my favorite choice of the bunch but it works if you are super careful. All you have to do it put the tape in the area where the band for the wig cap holds the wig together will rest. Press down on the tape and voila your wig wont go anywhere!

2. Bobby Pins
Lots of women use a ton of bobby pins just to make sure their wig is secure, again this is a matter of preference and if you do not mind the pins then this is also a great option.

3. Sew it
This one is pretty technical but very achievable, and we have a pretty detailed video you can use to see exactly how you can sew your wig down to your head. This is the best way to keep your wig in place, if you do it right your wig isn’t going anywhere.

Check out KiKi’s video here:


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