My 10 Secrets To That Mega Hair Growth Life!

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We all desire long healthy natural hair right? If so this article is for you. I have read many articles and heard lots of tips on how to grow our hair out super long and I always learn something new!
I hope not to only inspire you to incorporate healthy hair practices but a healthy lifestyle overall. These tips are based upon my personal hair growth and natural hair journey.

Tip 1 – Drink plenty of water: We had a saying when I worked overseas on a military base. Who’s your buddy?? Water!!! I definitely increased my water intake when I returned natural. This product is not only easily accessible but it will keep your body hydrated and your scalp and hair will benefit from it too.

If you don’t drink adequate amounts of water your hair may eventually become very dry and brittle and that will stunt your hair growth or may even trap you at a plateau so you think your hair has stopped growing completely. Just like we need water to keep our bodies hydrated same goes for our tresses! If you do notice your hair is super dry and not growing properly try this trick it may just be the piece to your missing puzzle.
Tip 2 – Moisture Moisture Moisture: Honestly this is a must when you are natural if not you are robbing your hair of performing at its highest ability. When I was relaxed my hair didn’t require as much moisture and I had to leave that mentally down by the riverside as it is the complete opposite when you are natural. My hair loves moisture and kind of craves it. are many ways to moisturize your curls, coils and kinks. My favorite moisturizers are water/aloe spray mix, daily moisturizing creams, moisturizing stylers and oil to seal in that moisture.
You will begin to learn your hair and when it needs moisture. If you are unsure about the best ways to moisturize your hair you are fortunate as there are many hair videos and articles discussing this. Please let’s keep our thirsty hair moisturized.

Tip 3 – Deep Conditioners: Who doesn’t love a good effective DC right? I know I do and this has been a vital step in my growing TWA. I always try to find DC that are designed for my hair texture and then secondly I am consistent with it.
DC’s have earned their right to be just as important as brushing my teeth… must be done! Also I personally chose to rotate my protein based DC’s and moisturizing DC’s as a moisture/protein balance is important.

Try a few DC’s and when you find a few that work for you add them to your routine and watch your hair grow long and healthy.

co washTip 4 – Cleanser conditioner: This step gave life back to my hair not to mention allowed me to hold on to my much needed oils and moisture.
I noticed my hair started to grow even faster when I switched over from shampooing so often to co-washing more often.
My co-wash not only hepls me retain my hair’s natural oils, but it also gets my scalp squeaky clean as that is important in proper hair growth. I also like to co-wash twice a week.
Tip 5 – Vitamins & healthy living: I have always been one to take vitamins but I decided to up my vitamin intake with adding Biotin vitamins in addition to my multivitamin.
I think this has helped tremendously in my hair growth. If you aren’t one who can or likes to take vitamins, a healthy balanced diet can help aiding in overall health including your hair.
I have definitely learned the hard way whatever goes into our bodies will no doubt begin to show on the outside of our bodies.

Tip 6 – Detangling: This step must be done but the right way. I personally take my time when I detangle and I am very thorough.

I also make sure I have more than enough conditioner to aid in my detangling process. The more conditioner with slip you have the less chance of breakage occurring.

Breakage definitely stunts our hair growth. This is one reason I like to detangle in the shower helps loosen my curls when detangling. Take your time and slather on that conditioner.
Tip 7 – Protein treatments: I was really nervous about adding this step due to the fact it had such a bad reputation in the black hair community. The key I believe is finding the right protein treatment for you that will strengthen and soften your hair all in one.
I like to use a protein treatment and protein based hair masques and I use my protein treatment monthly. It’s important to maintain a protein/moisture balance. We need our tresses to be strengthened so they will not break so easily, and we also need to ensure that the treatment has a moisturizing component to heal and nourish our hair.

grapeseed oilTip 8 – Oils and Scalp massages: You are either one of those people who love oils or one that when you think of oils, greasy comes to mind! I think incorporating oils into your hair routine is very important. I have found for me a little goes a long way and it’s best to add them after you moisturize your hair. After some research oils seem to work best as sealers.
I also like to take a little of my coconut oil every night and give myself a scalp massage for a few minutes. This is known to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp and if it doesn’t even do that, it just feels awesome!
Tip 9 – Air dry: Ever since my BC I vowed to stay away from heat. This was my personal decision and it has worked great for me. My hair tends to be very fragile and doesn’t take much to make it frizz or damage.
I think the lack of direct heat has helped my hair grow healthy and retain the most moisture. I personally prefer to air dry and feel it has worked well with my wash-n-go style.

Tip 10 – Low Manipulation: I must admit this tip has been the easiest to stick to as my BC is already at a low maintenance length and there is not much you can do to it. I try not to play too much in my hair and I literally wash it, style and let it be. This method has worked great for me at this stage of my natural hair journey.
I hope these tips are helpful no matter what stage you are at with your natural hair journey. I always strive to learn as much as I can and try to be a healthier me.
One of my goals is to grow long healthy natural hair but I also encourage you to take this opportunity to make any necessary changes to your health overall. Thanks for allowing me to share… what are your personal favorite hair tips for growing long healthy natural hair?

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