Make Sure You Are Deep Conditioning Your Edges

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know for us to actually make a statement like ‘make sure you are deep conditioning your edges’ could lead to women scratching their heads and asking if it is a slow news day.

Here is what I have noticed, there are a ton of women losing their edges over time and as a result they have been taking a few preventative measures.
Some are huge steps, like massaging every night or going to a dermatologist who may or may not have prescribed medication. There are women who are doing just small things and have seen a ton of improvement, like wearing low tension hair styles, protective styling and improving their diets.
Consider this suggestion as one of the small things you can do to ensure you keep your edges improving or preventing hair loss. Many of us have gotten into the habit of deep conditioning weekly and like most habits we might not be as deliberate as we should with application in an effort to just be done with it.

When you apply your deep conditioning cream pay close attention to where you are applying your cream or DIY product. Cover your edges completely even if some of it gets on your face. If you are using yogurt or something skin friendly you can kill two birds with one stone anyway.

Remember back in the day when we would base our skin with Vaseline before doing our relaxer? One of the reasons we did that is because we knew we wanted to get those edges straight and some might just burn our skin in the process if the Vaseline did not catch it.

basing hair

Fast forward to today, why would we not do the same thing when applying our conditioner? Instead we would quickly apply the product and put a plastic cap with an elastic rim on that would remove the product from the edges anyway.
Instead cover your entire head with conditioner, be deliberate with your edges and nape area and use a plastic bag that does not remove the product from the important areas, simple! 

The proteins, moisturizers, vitamins and minerals (If your product has those in it) will have a chance to strengthen and improve your edges and hair over all. This is just one more thing you can do to help jump start your hair growth and hair loss reversal.

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