5 Reasons We Should Not Label Our Natural Hair “GOOD” Or “BAD”

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I was inspired to write this article when people started saying to me, “Girl you got that GOOD hair.” I don’t know why but almost instantly I began to reflect on that popular phrase.

I know what you are thinking, “Who wouldn’t want GOOD hair, right?” At one point I thought the same thing and used this statement often but some digging and pondering on this subject since I returned natural has completely flipped my reasoning upside down.

My hair was relaxed for the majority of my life and as far as I was concerned it didn’t matter if I had good hair or not because I faithfully relaxed my hair every month.

Once I decided I was returning natural it became instantly clear how many wrong thoughts I had about natural hair and that I had to reprogram my brain to embrace the truth.

Dare to come along with me as I highlight 5 vital reasons why we shouldn’t label our hair GOOD or BAD but embrace and  rock the natural hair we have been blessed with. If you want to peek inside my brain and take a look at my thoughts about embracing all beautiful textures then keep reading.
 1. Unique characteristics to ALL natural textures
Honestly, when I started taking an interest in all natural textures I noticed there are many unique characteristics to all natural hair textures.
All textures are beautiful and extraordinary and if we choose to look for the beauty we will find it was there all along. I am subscribed to many YouTube videos with naturals who have all different textures so I can be educated about all natural textures and the beauty and remarkable differences that they all possess.

I am continuously amazed at how I will finally catch a natural who seems to have my texture then later on to find their porosity level isn’t quite the same as mine or they have a similar curl pattern as mine but my hair is a tad bit thicker… highlighting once again although we have similarities there are differences too.

One key that helped me navigate this subject is this: while you may be eyeing and wishing you had another natural’s texture I assure you there is someone else wishing they had yours!

2.  ALL natural hair is beautiful
Returning to natural has not only taught me so much about natural hair but ultimately taught me a lot about myself and life. We should  aim refrain from labeling anything GOOD or BAD based precepts we may have formed upon wrong thoughts and learned negative perceptions passed down or the simple fact that we often fear what we don’t understand.
I have taken this time during my natural hair journey to refocus, grow and share what I have been learning. I don’t know about you but I truly believe all natural hair is beautiful and something to appreciated and embraced.

I understand that we all view beauty differently and that’s fine. I personally love other textures as I see them all around me but I never envy them to a point where I wish I had another texture.  Good news is we can learn to embrace and find beauty in all textures!
curl system3. Unrealistic expectations

I never really thought much about the infamous statement, “Girl, you got that GOOD hair” before I returned natural. In the natural hair community there are caste systems where we like to label our hair textures along the lines of ‘good texture’ – aka the desired less kinky texture with uniformed or ultra defined curls – or the ‘bad texture’ full of tight kinks and coils.

If you don’t love your natural texture and you are torn and just on the brink of slapping a relaxer back on… give yourself some time to research, learn, experiment, and figure out how best to embrace YOUR texture. A lot of the time we desire something we have no experience with or have limited knowledge about.

I always say unrealistic expectations will set you up for failure.  My suggestion to you would be to get to know your very own texture of hair and learn to develop over time the right expectations about your texture.

4. My very own tailored texture of natural hair
I love how unique my hair is and I proudly love the challenge of attempting to figure out what works best my for my hair and what doesn’t.

I would strongly recommend if you are a natural and you are having trouble learning to make your texture work best for you then experiment with different products, regimes and techniques.
A lot of the time we may be missing just a small piece to the puzzle. Let’s take this time to reprogram, learn, grow, and share our experiences during our natural hair journey because no two journeys are the same!

5. My hair isn’t poor quality (BAD) or what I desired (GOOD)!

I know it may be an intimidating adventure to return natural on top of being reintroduced to a new texture you aren’t even sure you have but it’s also fun & rewarding too.

I discovered while getting better acquainted with my natural texture of hair. Despite what others may think, it wasn’t designed poorly but that doesn’t mean it was without it’s challenges; the truth is I didn’t even have a clue about what natural texture I desired. I am so glad I came to that realization as I have truly been able to enjoy my texture and wear it confidently.
In the end I am proud to say I have neither GOOD nor BAD hair; rather, I have the hair I was uniquely designed with and for me that is what makes it beautiful.

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