This 7-Year-Old Natural Has Over 50,000 Likes on Facebook

cliff sanajong cherelise

Native to the South American country of Suriname, 7-year-old Cherelice’s modeling photo shoots have yielded a combined 50,000 likes on Facebook.

When strangers are not accusing her mother of not combing Cherelice’s hair, they’re trying to touch it, remarks Cherelice’s mother, Claudelle.

In an interview with, Cherelice’s mother says the 7-year-old is quite independent when it comes to styling her hair:
The small model often combs her own hair. In other areas, she shows the same freedom. For example she loves to use her tablet to look up hairstyles and she plays dress up with her dolls.
She also added that her daughter has some strong opinions about her hair:
Cherelice has confidence in her physical beauty, including her hair. She even questions her mother’s decision to straighten her own hair, referring to it as “fake.”
Cherelice’s mother also points out the 7-year-old’s true dream is to become a designer:
Her desire is to become a designer. To that end, she fills her pad with drawing after drawing and has accumulated a range of fabrications laden with beads, patches, glitter and sequins. The model has even handmade her own tops and skirts to which she then adds adornments to increase to their flare. All this, despite the fact that the family’s sewing machine broke.
Take a quick peek at a few photos from Cherelice’s stunning modeling portfolio:

Dors Rinaldo photo
cliff sanajong 
cliff sanajong cherelice
cliff sanajong cherelice 2

Simply stunning!
What do you think of Cherelice’s modeling portfolio?

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