4 Gorgeous Protective Styles for Natural Hair this Fall

Fall is officially here and, for many naturals, it is time to return to protective styling.  Today we are giving four beautiful looks to inspire you this season.  Who says protective styling has to be boring?
1. Simple Back Tuck (4C hair)


This first style is really simple to create in little to no time at all.  It works on most lengths of hair, so my naturals with shorter lengths, this may work for you.  No heat is needed either, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair this season.

Description: hair is tucked into headband in the back
Products used: hair butter
Tools needed: rattail comb (for parting), wide-tooth comb, hair tie, bra strap
2. Triple Twisted Updo

Nicole Webster

For this look, start with hair that has been previously blow dried or, to avoid heat, use banding, rollers, African threading, or braids.  The protective style is super chic and simple, and guess what?  No gel is needed!  Rock your edges proud, ladies!

Description: hair is twisted into three ponytails and pinned
Products used: hair spray
Tools needed: wide-tooth combhair ties, clips, bobby pins, boar bristle brush
3. Flat Twist Updo
Millicent Swift
If you are wearing an old flat twist that you don’t quite know how to style anymore, try  this beautiful textured updo.  Just loosen some of your twists and get creative with pinning and tucking.

Description: twists are rolled and tucked upward into a pompadour

Tools needed: bobby pins
4. Textured Playground


This “textured playground” is a mix of a twist out, braid out, and twists. A makeup tutorial is included as well, but if you’re just here for the hair, watch the beginning and then fast forward to 4 minutes and 50 seconds into the video.

Description: hair is braided and twisted to create various textures
Products used: leave-in, oil, styler (all Entwine)
Tools needed: rattail comb (for parting), bobby pins

What protective styles are you rocking this fall?

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