How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth


Growing natural hair requires patience and tender love and care.  I remember when I had my big chop!  There was a time when my hair was growing really fast and a time when things went on a plateau.  The plateau phase is so frustrating for hair growth!  It’s like watching paint dry all day.  I guess I was Ms. Impatient until I started a hair regimen that actually showed results.  Castor oil was one of those hair growth remedies that I adopted.  It’s worked to add shine and thicken my hair. Talk about lustrous.  I usually mix it with almond oil and coconut oil to help lock the hair moisture and promote the process of growing out my hair.
How To Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth
Castor oil is a multitasking agent when it comes to a lot of hair problems.  It’s a preventative measure to natural hair loss. We’re talking shedding and breakage.  So I like to mix this with virgin coconut oil (my favorite).  Coconut oil works with castor oil to make your hair super soft and lustrous.
  • Heat some water in a pan.  Put some oil (coconut oil + castor and you can add some almond oil) in a small bowl and place the bowl in the pan with the hot water.  The hot water will heat the oil in the pan indirectly.
  • Divide your hair into sections.  Then spray your hair so it’s moist enough.  Moist hair absorbs products better than dry hair.  Apply your oil mix focusing on your ends.  When you get to your scalp, move in circular motions. Circular motions stimulate blood flow to your scalp as the oil evenly distributes.  The key is to use a small amount of oil on your hair since castor is thick enough as it is.  A little goes a long ways!
  • After you’ve applied the oil mix, pull your hair together and cover with a shower cap I would leave the shower cap on for one hour.  Sometimes I cover and leave overnight but, when I am sleeping with the oil mix, I don’t wet my hair or spray it.  If you cover your hair when it’s wet, and you go to sleep, you invite bacteria to grow in the moist environment on your scalp.  That’s one experience I will never forget!  My scalp was breaking out because of this and you want to avoid breakout on your scalp since that affects the natural hair growth process.
  • Shampoo your hair once a week so you can clarify your scalp and prevent oil buildup from happening.
Carrier oils work to deep condition your hair by keeping moisture in your hair.  When I started my oil routine, I really noticed that my hair was growing and was much softer to the touch.
You really can use this oil for scalp and hair problems.  It helps with thinning hair and encourages hair growth.
I’ve started massaging my scalp daily for 5 minutes.  Mixing coconut oil, castor and almond oil have been my most favorite remedies.  They work to remove dead skin cells from my scalp and prevent flakes.  I really feel my hair has changed from feeling dry and brittle to soft and more elastic.

Your natural hair will look and feel….

Lustrous, voluminous, strong, soft, manageable and healthy.

If you have dry hair, I highly recommend bringing castor into your life.  It’s one of the best conditioners to lock in moisture.  If you want to say bye bye to unmanageable, frizzy, hair, this is your go to remedy.  If your natural hair feels like a dessert, let it drink from the springs of this mixture:

1. Castor oil
2. Coconut oil
 3. Almond oil 

If you are going to bed with your oil conditioners...

Again, like I said before, if you find that your scalp is breaking out, use castor oil.  It has a lot of antibacterial and anti-fungal elements.  Please please don’t sleep with a shower cap while your hair is still wet.  This is one way to grow fungus on your scalp.  If you are doing an overnight castor oil session, don’t spray your hair with water.  Just cover with the shower cap after you’ve applied your oil. Your scalp will heat up the cap with it’s own natural heat to condition your hair.  No water needed.  The fungus that can grow on your scalp can lead to hair loss.
If you’re going to do a 1 hour oil conditioning session…

If I’m not doing an overnight treatment to my hair, I always like to steam my hair for a few minutes after my 1 hour oil conditioning session. No I don’t have the Huetiful Steamer yet but, what I do has always worked.  I cover my head over some hot water basin.  I drop a few drops of mint essential oil into the water and steam myself for 15 minutes.  It opens my facial pores as well as the scalp pores.  This allows the oil to have a deep soak into the scalp.  Hello hair growth!

Q: What is your go to hair oil?

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