7 Reasons Why Castor Oil Works to Grow Long Hair

By manespeak

Now and then you reach a place where you start measuring your natural hair growth process. You want to see results.  Sometimes it can get downright frustrating when you encounter different hair problems that hinder that length check.  Whether you’re encountering problems like: dry hair, thinning hair, split end or hair loss…

It’s easy to start the process of getting rid of those hair speed bumps with castor oil as a deep conditioner.  Yes! This oil can be your hair’s best friend.  Here are seven reasons why castor oil grows natural hair.
Why use Castor Oil as a Deep Conditioner?

When I first started using castor oil, I thought it was a bit heavy. It is a more heavier oil.  Although it’s not a lightweight oil, and can leave behind some buildup, the fatty acids are totally worth it.  This oil is full of yummy nutrients like protein,Vitamin E and minerals.  All these properties are vital if you want to grow your hair.  The other thing is, castor is a natural disinfectant.  The anti-fungal, and antibacterial, properties will keep your scalp maintained in great condition.  When you’re growing out your hair, you have to really take care of the soil that yields the crop.  That soil is your scalp.  If the scalp is breaking out, and if dry, you will see very little hair growth.

1. Reduces split ends and hair breakage
When your hair is breaking and when you see split ends, you are encountering unhealthy hair.  With castor oil, you have nutrients (Omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E) that will help you stop the breakage and split ends.  What the oil does is: it goes deep into your scalp and hair follicles and smooths them while conditioning them.  You can do a deep conditioning treatment by applying the oil evenly over damp, not wet, hair and applying the baggy method.  Leave it on for 30 minutes and do a cool rinse. No shampoo.
You will find that castor oil is very sticky so feel free to mix it with lighter oils like almond oil.  

2. Darken Natural Hair & Add Shine

I noticed that my hair had been more mousy brown as opposed to the dark black it used to be.  Not only was it a lighter color, it was dull and unexciting.  Things that may cause your hair to loose its shine include: the water, weather, diet, chemical treatment and heat.  Why castor oil works to increase that sheen include its ability to seal in moisture along your hair shaft.  You will notice that, the more you seal your hair, the more your hair doesn’t dry out when you wash it.  Dry hair = dull hair.
You may want to do a castor hot oil treatment by warming up the castor oil (not hot) and applying to damp hair. Wrap with a shower cap for 30 minutes. 
3. Keep your Scalp Healthy

Everything starts at the scalp.  If you have a scalp infection, you will notice that you itch a lot and create more breakage.  A problematic scalp may lead to more problems like bald patches and hair follicle damage.  All these problems cause a halt in your natural hair growth.  If you want to maximize your hair length, take care of the scalp with castor oil’s anti-fungal properties.  A regular application will keep away the micro-organisms that may be growing on your scalp.
 Take 5 minutes a day and massage castor oil into your scalp. It increases circulation and brings more nutrients to the scalp.

4. Make your Hair Stronger
Having hair loss is one of the things that can make you frustrated with your hair growth efforts.  Natural hair suffers hair loss due to many reasons: high impact styling, tight protective styles, scalp infections, alopecia and, heat.  Try applying this oil from root to tip for overall hair health.  The Ricinoleic acid that is inside the castor oil forms a protective boundary to keep your hair moisturized and attracts circulation of hair nutrients to the scalp.
 To make your hair stronger, it’s also important to take note of the combs you use. Using wide-toothed combs is essential with those who have thick, curly, hair types.

5. Thicken your Hair
When you have damaged hair, you will have signs of thinning hair.  I remember meeting a friend who had long hair but, it was not without damage.  The constant flat ironing had led to dry hair that was thinning every-time I saw her.  When your hair is thinning, hair loss is prominent.  Using this omega 6, and 9, rich oil will thicken your hair by enhancing the moisture content – it also provides a nutrient full place for hair to grow.
Apply oil to hair ends as part of your nightly routine.
6. Use it as a Deep Conditioner
When we think of deep conditioner, we think of a creamy, white, substance.  But, oils can also be used as deep conditioners.  The fatty acids, and omega acids, in castor oil, act as moisture locks for natural hair. Bringing moisture, and keeping moisture, is the essence of a deep conditioner.  The more moisture in your hair, the less dry hair and, the more soft your texture will be.
If you so desire, you can add castor oil to your shampoo to add those coating, and sealing, properties.  This will also make the shampoo less drying.

7. Stimulate your Hair to Grow

Castor oil results never felt so good! A consistent use of this oil will have you smiling on the refular.  Use it on your scalp to get that circulation going and those follicles stimulated.  All these actions are directly connected to hair growing.
 Apply this oil to your dry hair and wrap it overnight with a silk scarf. The deep penetration softens hair. Don’t go to bed with wet hair (hence the dry application). 

You can also use castor as a pre-poo. Apply a small amount to your hair not the scalp. Cover for 10 minutes and you can do your clarifying shampoo session or conditioning session.  You will love how softer your hair is because the oil forms a protective border so your ends won’t dry out.  This is really a natural way to grow long hair while getting shine and thickness.

Q: What are some of your hair growth challenges?

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