3 Reasons why you’re not Getting Long Hair!

By manespeak

Growing long hair comes with some pit falls and frustrations. There are times where you just want to take a shaver and shave it all off and just let it go.  But wait, somewhere in your natural hair routine, you need to start paying attention to somethings.  Longer hair growth is both genes and strategy.  Focus on retaining length and the rest will flow.  Don’t be discouraged. It takes time and a special focus to drive the results you crave.

Here are 3 reasons as of why your hair is not growing.
Unless you are experiencing health problems or taking medication, hair loss and the reason why your hair might not be growing could be due to the following factors.
1.Bad Eating Habits

I used to say that bad eating habits were just “common sense” but, wait until you really start paying attention to those little habits.  You will start to notice all sorts of ingredients that you really should not consume.  Stir clear of those processed foods, fried foods and syrupy foods (full of high fructose corn syrup).  Get in the mood of eating healthy so your body will start craving only the healthy. You won’t crave sugars.  I hardly crave sugar!  Healthy food is full of vitamins and minerals that fuel your entire system (including your hair).

2. Too Many Hairstyles

If you find yourself rocking different hairstyles each week, you’re probably tugging and pulling at your hair.  If you want to retain length, low maintenance styles are best.  Shedding and breakage is one of the results of hair that has been made weak via constant manipulation.  Manipulating your hair can come in various forms: curling with heat, braiding, detangling and flat ironing.  Keep in mind that curls and kinks are prone to be more dry and therefore, you need to take care of the tension applied to your hair.  This is why I don’t use a comb all the time when detangling.  Sometimes I just plain ol’ using my fingers to detangle.  Keep your hair in protective styles to avoid touching your hair all the time and manipulating it. Protective styles to do include: twists, wigs, weaves, braids…so many!!!
how to grow long hair

3. Shampoo all the Time!

Lay that shampoo bottle down! Yes you with that sulphate shampoo!  When you wash your hair with sulphate shampoo, you’re striping away those natural scalp oils.  When your hair is prone to dryness, this is the last thing that you want to do.  Especially if you’re doing it frequently (more than once a week).  Sulphates dry out hair especially if you’re not putting moisture back into your hair. Seal moisture into your hair using oils that absorb well into your hair. You can co-wash and shampoo – this way you can alternate between the two.  You don’t want to end up with buildup so it’s best to clarify with shampoo or apple cider twice a month (at least).  Buildup (hello co-washers!) can lead to clogged pores and this equals less moisture absorption.

**We do understand that sometimes, hair loss is a result of medication and various health problems. These are just some of the day to day habits that lead to breakage and lack of length retention. Retaining length leads to growing longer hair. **

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