4 Edge Pomades that Tame Wash n’ Go Frizz

For the past couple of years, it seems that several hair brands are incorporating “edge pomades” into their lineup. These products have a similar consistency to the Let’s Jam! Pomade of yesteryear, but usually without mineral oil and more natural ingredients. Used to often slick back edges and smooth hair for protective styles, edge pomades have gained a place in the product inventory of many naturals. But you may not have considered using edge pomades on your hair as a finisher on a wash n’ go, rather than a serum like Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle or Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper.
First, I know some of you are thinking, what’s a finisher? Similar to the goal of edge pomades, “finishers” are used to further decrease frizz and smooth hair when you’re wearing your natural hair texture. Also, they can help loosen the hold of a stiff gel and provide extra moisture and protection to the hair. I don’t think that they are required for one’s styling regimen, but I find them nice, especially if my gel isn’t strong enough to combat frizz or I’m using a gel that’s too strong, like clear Ecostyler. Additionally, edge pomades, when smoothed on top of gel on wet hair (definitely not dry hair!!!), appear to give me the same effect as a serum, while also being more readily available (I have to order my favorite serums while the edge pomades I like can be found locally). Here are my favorites:


Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Paste and Passion Fruit Control Paste
I’m putting these two together because well, they’re basically the same product except for a few ingredients and the smell. The Curls pomades are my favorites because they have the best ingredients in my opinion. Each time I use these over my wash and go, my hair is nice and soft. The best thing is that both of these are available at Target for around $7-8. The blueberry version is a dollar more (at least it was at my Target), so go for the Passion Fruit unless you have an affinity for blueberry smells.

Crème of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Hair Gel
I was a little confused when I first got this since they called it a gel, but it definitely will do the trick for less than $5. The smell is a little cloying to me, but it fades over time. Since Crème of Nature is available at several drugstores across the country, this one is a good choice if you forget your products on a business trip or you’re in a pinch.

**Switches record** So I was about to mention the Carol’s Daughter Macademia Hold and Control Smoothie, but I went to the Carol’s Daughter site and it looks like this product has been discontinued. It’s probably for the better, because I think it cost around $20, and many people found this absolutely ludicrous, and for good reason. They now have a Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother, and from the ingredients, it seems like it serves the same purpose as the products above. I’ll have to give this one a try – it’s only $8. I like the ingredients as well, as it contains honey extract, rosemary, and aloe vera juice. Interesting, I’ll be on the lookout.
Do you use any edge control pomades on your wash and go? Let us know!

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