10 Non-Negotiable Practices of Naturals Who Retain Length – Part 2

Kitty’s So Curly


Hair Practices

What do these ladies have in common? Their hair care practices. There are certain things they do and don’t do (me too!) like…

They do:
* Finger Detangle
* Wash hair in sections
* Deep condition during every wash
* Incorporating protein treatments into their regimens at least monthly
* Seal in the moisture regularly
* Minimize or eliminate heat styling
* Protect the hair at night (sleeping with a silk/satin bonnet or pillowcase)
* Employ low manipulation and/or protective styling
They don’t:
* Comb dry hair
* Brush through the length of their hair (except maybe with a Denman on hair that’s soaking with conditioner)
* Ever leave hair exposed to the elements without some form of protection (ie. covering, sealant)

Making these hair practices non-negotiable can help you retain length as well. Even if your hair isn’t pre-determined to reach waist or tail bone length, you can certainly achieve BSL (bra strap length) – no matter your hair type

Can you think of any other habits of naturals that retain length that I may have not mentioned?

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