The Inversion Method: Grow 1 Inch of Hair in 1 Week! Does This Really Work?


In short summary if you have not heard of the inversion method here is the deal: you massage your scalp using oil, you invert yourself (bend your head over)  for 4 minutes 3 to 4 times a week, and you are suppose to get 1 inch of hair within 7 days.  This method is not recommended for women who are pregnant or have any medical conditions.

There are tons of women that say that this method has worked for them, but I am quite skeptical, here is why:
  • How do you know it’s not related to just giving your hair exceptionally good care? I am mean you are obviously putting a lot of focus on it right?
  • What if this particular week your hair had a growth spurt?
  • Are the results able to be reproduced continuously?
  • Is it really healthy to have all this blood rushing to your head every week?
The Inversion Method for hair growth is apparently nothing new. Although it is entirely new to me being that I never even heard of it until I saw a post about it in the Black Naps forum. I was interested to see what women around the net had to say about this method and I found this review of the method

So in Part I of Alma’s test it looks as though the Inversion Method had some credibility. She went from 17 inches of hair to almost 18 inches of hair in a week. However, she noted something that was very important to consider: what if you do not accurately measure your hair the first time and your comparison measurement is off? It’s quite easy to forget the position that you had your measuring tape in  or you could simply be measuring your hair wrong all together.

In part II she has barely no change, which means the results seem to be unable to reproduced at least in this case. In order for a method to have substance it has to be able to repeatedly show results. Also any amount of variables can affect how fast or how slow our hair grows, which is why I am quite skeptical of this.

Any ladies who have tried this method, what are your thoughts? If you haven’t tried it would you do this?

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