The 4C Hair Struggle Is Real, I’ve Been There and I Understand


I get tons of emails from women who struggle with their kinky textured 4C hair type and believe me, I get it. While I love to celebrate the beauty of 4C hair, I am the first to admit that sometimes things aren’t always peachy. In truth, many of the issues that us 4C ladies experience other hair types just don’t understand. Which is why although some may find hair typing to be separatist, I find it nice to have some categorization.

Some naturals will never experience…

Wet styling fail
Setting my hair in two strand twists, bantu knots, or braid outs after a fresh wash always looks horrible. Besides the shrinkage, I get matting and breakage. It usually works best if I stretch my hair out first using the pineapple method or simply blow dry my hair.

This is how drastic my shrinkage is

comparison of shrunken vs stretched natural 4c hair
The left is my towel dried hair after a wash and the right is my hair stretched out from pineappling over night and fluffing out the next day. Stretching my hair after washes is a necessity.

The only time I have had wet styling success is if I use The Max Hydration Method, which has fabulous results, but is super time consuming. Or if I use my faux wash n go which again is done on stretched hair.

Dryness on another level
Yes, all curly hair types do have an issue with dryness. However, when you haven’t mastered keeping your hair moisturized, kinky coily hair can get outrageously dry.

The time investment
Wash day can take up half of your day and if you are going for a more detailed style it definitely can be more time consuming.

Your frustration with your hair is totally valid!

I am sure many of you transitioned from relaxed hair expecting to see tons of growth and healthy hair only to find the opposite. Unfortunately you can try all the products or the techniques that gurus recommend and still struggle. I was particularly touched by YouTube Vlogger, GlamFun’s hair story in which she tells the raw truth about her experience as a 4C natural.

So what’s the solution? Be unconventional and set your own standard.

You can always use YouTube, blogs and professional guidance for hair tips, but ultimately you must develop a regimen that is specific to you. Sometimes you have to do the unconventional and go against the grain. For instance many sources preach against heat use. While heat damage is definitely a possibility if you are not careful for some people using the blow dryer for stretching works best because ultimately you will have less tangles to deal with. Not to mention, it can be easier to retain moisture in stretched hair. Some naturals aren’t too fond of wigs and weaves but many naturals have an easier time retaining length using them.
It takes a little bit of experimentation, understanding what works for you, time and patience. Hang in there! The styling and maintenance of my relaxed hair was easier. However, once I learned what did work for me my natural hair is much fuller and healthier than my relaxed hair ever was.

Vent out your frustration or share some encouragement in the comment section!


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