I Transitioned with Wigs or Pressed Straight Because I was Insecure

Introduce yourself

Hello naturalistas! My name is Zarah Charm and I am a natural hair stylist and enthusiast from Baltimore. 

How did you discover your passion for hair?

I discovered my passion for hair at a young age. My mother knew absolutely nothing about hair besides four ponytails (who wants to wear that in middle school?) and would never send me to the salon. My hair was my own and I was free to do whatever I wanted with it. I was always experimenting with my own hair and excited to show off new styles that I’ve created on myself. 

When did you start your natural hair journey? Did you have any ups and downs?

My natural hair journey began in 2006. I did wear some natural styles, but I transitioned with braids and wigs or pressed straight because I was insecure. I wasn’t ready to look different than everyone else…it was too much attention. A lot of people were supportive, but some people were not. You never realize how much of your confidence is based on your appearance. It took me a few years to get comfortable in my own skin and wear my natural hair, but I’m glad I did!

What are your favorite natural hair essentials?

My hair essentials are a great conditioner with amazing slip, a shampoo brush to ease detangling, and Charisma products. The conditioner to moisturize the kinks, shampoo brush to detangle the kinks, and Charisma to moisturize, seal, and prep my hair for styling.

Tell us about your hair and your regimen.

I try to keep my regimen simple. Low maintenance is the key to healthy hair. I shampoo, condition, and steam treat my hair weekly or biweekly depending on the style I have in. Because of the color in my hair, every other wash day I do a protein treatment to strengthen my hair. My go-to style is two big flat twists...quick, easy, and versatile. They can be worn in sweats and in a dress!

You are a popular hair stylist, how can our curlies get styled by Zarah Charm?

You can book an appointment with me at ZarahCharm.com. 


This year you received a full scholarship from Dr. Kari Williams to attend the "All About Twists" Hands on Workshop. Congrats! How was that experience?

Thanks! That class with Dr. Kari Williams was amazing. She openly shared a lot of her tips and tricks to her signature twist styles. She is so nice and honest. I appreciated that. I learned about all aspects of the business and came home fully inspired.

You recently released a product line, Charisma. Tell us about your product line and where we can purchase it?

Yes Charisma! I have two all-natural styling products, the Head-To-Toe Soufflé’ and the All-Over Butter. The Head-To-Toe Soufflé’ is a water-based product that I recommend using as a leave-in conditioner. Its creamy texture is perfect as prep for all of my clients’ protective styles. The All-Over Butter is a shea/cocoa butter mix, which I use as a sealant in my client’s hair. Both products can be used on hair and body. The thing that everyone says about it is that the smell is amazing!

Do you have any tips that you can tell our curlies?

Tip: Less is more. Keep your manipulation down. Don’t hop on every bandwagon fad to “grow your hair”. Moisture and low manipulation will do wonders for your hair.

Share some encouraging words for our transitioners.

Patience is key. I know it’s hard but think of it this way. You will have a completely new head of hair in two years.  That may seem like a lot but think of this: high school was four years and that flew by. Half of high school and you’ll be done! High school not a good example? Well Obama was sworn in in 2009.  If you started then your natural hair could be midback length now. Crazy right?

What are your future goals for your business?

My only goal as a stylist is to better myself and share my knowledge with others. All of my endeavors are governed by those two rules. But keep watching me, you’ll see what’s new very soon!

What social media can we visit to keep up with Zarah Charm?

I can be found everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and PinterestZarahCharm.com to see my work, my schedule, pricing, and availability.

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