4 Unusual Life Hacks That Keep Natural Hair Moisturized


It’s a bummer when you’re down to the very last drop of your favorite leave-in and you know your order won’t come in for at least another week. It’s also definitely not cool, when you’re traveling far from home only to realize you’ve forgotten your favorite pomade and moisturizer.

This is exactly what happened to me during our 39 hour drive to the state of Washington 3 years ago. While moving, I packed up every last one of my hair products and unfortunately, they were packed deep in the trailer.
Usually, I could make it work by skipping moisturizer all together for a night or two. However, this time that option could render some really bad results. The trip would take about a week and my hair really needed the moisture since it had been flat ironed a few days prior. I knew if I didn’t get some moisture in it fast, then I could kiss my length goal for the year goodbye.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, my resourceful (sometimes even ghetto fabulous) side showed up.  I made the most out of my situation and learned some things along the way that might help you should you face a hair care emergency.

Lotion Potion
You know that lotion in your glove compartment? Yes, you can grab that and use it as a makeshift hair moisturizer. Lotion can be a little tricky, if not specifically made for hair. Ingredients that would normally do wonders for your hands could wreak havoc on your hair. If the first few ingredients include water, glycerin and cetearyl or cetyl alcohol they’ll definitely provide the moisture your hair needs in this emergency.

Truthfully, conditioners and lotions have a lot in common. Using conditioner and hand lotion on your hair could mean the difference between having a few more cationic agents and hair loving ingredients and just a seriously bad ingredient for your hair.

Just watch out for any lotion that has denatured alcohol in it. It’ll probably dry out your hair (and skin for that matter!)
Grab The Mayo!
That rest stop at KFC could bless you with more than just chicken! Grab a handful of mayonnaise condiments and make a beeline to the bathroom to get some of that fatty goodness onto your ends.
Mayonnaise is chock full of fat with an excellent pH level.

To get this to work, you’d want to wet your strands just a bit then add the mayo to your ends.  Put your hair in a top knot or some kind of rolled hairdo where your ends can stay covered.

When you get to your destination, you can figure out washing it out. This might be a little too resourceful for most ladies, but it might be worth it, if you really want to add rich moisture to your strands while diligently working to conserve length by keeping damage at bay.
Staple Maple
At breakfast, but have to board your flight soon after?  Grab the maple syrup! (Cue the side eye.) But seriously, maple syrup works like just like our favorite humectant, honey. For an on the go deep moisture treatment, mix water with maple syrup and place on your dried ends. Next pull your hair up into a top knot. By placing the mix on your ends only and putting it into a high bun, you keep the product working on the parts your hair needs it most while minimizing the sweet smell you’ll be rocking (seriously though, there are much worse things to smell like while on a packed plane!)
Kitchen Grease
I know, I know. Our hair is WAY too fabulous for cheap kitchen oil, but look beggars can’t be choosers and if that’s all you’ve have around, then give it a go!

Since using oil for our hair is basically second nature for most naturals, this is an easy add in for any lady who just has to make something out of nothing.  Go ahead and oil your hair as usual!

When have you ever used unconventional hair products on your hair? What were your results?

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