3 Reasons Cutting Your Natural Hair Might Be the Best Thing You Do in 2015


If you’re like many naturals, the idea of cutting your hair is not only unpalatable, but can also give you nightmares for weeks! Since many are striving to grow long, healthy natural hair; hair cutting just seems counterproductive. But, what if I told you cutting your hair is exactly what you need to do to save your length and grow you hair to new lengths in 2015? You might then be interested in hearing more, right?
1. Your hair is at a length plateau.
Cutting your hair doesn’t make your hair grow any faster, but it does expose quality ends not destroyed by age and accumulated damage. Your new ends will be stronger and more able to resist the wear and tear that comes from everyday hair care practices. Old ends are the part of your hair that has sustained the most damage and are susceptible to those 1/4″ breaks that steal length. Cutting your hair corrects that problem.

2. Your hair won’t take to the conditioner and products you use anymore.
While there are a number of reasons your hair may have stopped responding to your old and even newer products, one may be that your ends have passed the point of no return. If they’ve lost most of their cuticle layers, you’ll be hard pressed to find any product that will help them retain moisture. Sometimes, a good cut is just what you need to help your hair to respond more positively to the products you use.
3. You need a change.
You didn’t think I was going to skip out on this reason, did you? I’m the kind of girl that just automatically feels better about life when I feel I look good. A 2 inch cut will help your twist outs and bantu knot outs look fuller, and cutting more than two inches can dramatically enhance your facial features and put that extra pep in your step and give a boost of confidence for the new year.

What kind of dramatic changes are you making to your hair for 2015?

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