Is All Hair Versatile Except Fine, 4C Hair?


I remember smiling when I read this witty comment by BGLH blog reader A Simple Thing on the article about the types of naturals who should avoid heat:

‘ It’s like having fine and kinky hair is the universe’s way of saying “Everyone’s hair is versatile – except yours.” It’s like Oprah giving everyone a car, except you. ‘

All jokes aside, it is a thorn in the side of some naturals that fine kinky 4c hair seems to always come with a warning label. Is it really less versatile?
1. For the Motion
There are so many reasons why it can be argued that fine 4c hair lacks versatility . These reasons are mostly hinged on what fine, kinky 4c hair either cannot do well or does to an extreme including:

-Heat straightening without getting damaged /split ends. Needing a trim after a heat styling session.
-Hair cannot be detangled easily within 15 – 20 mins.
-Necessity to handle strands very gently to avoid breakage.
-Susceptibility to mid-shaft splits and single strand as well as complex knots.
-Very high shrinkage even with minor wetting.
-General necessity to protectively style hair most of the time to gain length.
2. Against the Motion
While all the reasons listed previously are above, it is possible to issue a rebuttal against each one:

– Fine kinky 4c hair can be heat straightened but it just has to be kept to a minimum and it has to accepted that some damage will be accrued.

– You can reduce detangling time by maintaining styles that reduce knotting and tangling which are the two main factors that increase detangling time.

– Handling hair gently enough to avoid breakage is necessary for anyone who wants to grow longer hair. Some of us just have to be more gentle than others.

-Mid shaft splits and knotting can be exacerbated by styling and therefore can also be reduced by modifying how you style your hair.

– Stretched styles are great if you do not want to embrace shrinkage. Slipping your free hair into a bun when it starts drizzling is also an easy way to control minor wetting shrinkage.

– Most long haired 4c naturals will sing the praises of protective styling and there are so many beautiful styles within that genre that it is redundant to suggest it as a limiting factor.

Your hair is as versatile as you deem it to be.  There are things that those of us with fine 4c kinky hair will know without doubt will break or damage our hair. However, some of us will do them anyway because we accept that we will sacrifice a little bit of progress and enjoy, for example, a straight hair day. There are others in the bunch who do not accept this as they want to make a steady march towards length. Accept it for what it can do, work with its properties to get into the style you desire or just work with styles that you know it can do well. Ultimately, it is your hair and you should enjoy it rather than let it shackle you.
4C ladies, chime in! What are your thoughts on this?

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