5 Ways that Weekly Deep Conditioning Can Boost Length Retention

 by Kelsey (pictured above) of Lifewithcoco2

As someone who gets a lot of questions pertaining to how to keep hair healthy and grow it long, I was surprised to discover how many ladies and gents didn’t know or still don’t know the importance of deep conditioning their hair on a weekly basis. It is vital in order to have the healthiest hair possible. Here are five important reasons for deep conditioning your hair weekly:
1. Nourishment for your hair
Deep conditioning infuses your hair with the nutrients it needs in order to stay healthy. Your hair requires nourishment just like any other part of your body.

2. Prevention of dryness and breakage
Deep conditioning helps to improve hair’s elasticity, which means it is more flexible and can stretch more before it breaks. Hair that does not get deep conditioned frequently is more prone to dryness and breakage.

3. Length Retention
I often hear the saying ‘Oh my hair won’t grow,’ and then I immediately ask, “How often are you deep conditioning your hair,” and they’ll usually say, “every two weeks or once a month.” The truth is, your hair is always growing. Long hair is all about length retention. Deep conditioning plays a huge role in length retention because length retention goes hand in hand with breakage. The less breakage, the more hair you are able to keep!
4. Keeps hair soft smooth and shiny
Deep Conditioning is beneficial to keeping hair soft, smooth, manageable and shiny. Those are all signs of a healthy head of hair!

5. Hair Repair
If you are currently struggling with damaged hair, whether it be from heat styling, color, or just not knowing where to start with your hair regimen, make sure that deep conditioning at least once a week is apart of it. It will restore and repair your hair and you will be on your way to gorgeous healthy hair!
In the video below, I share some of my favorite products that I use to keep my hair healthy along with my favorite deep conditioners!

Do you deep condition weekly? If not, how often are you currently deep conditioning and do you think a weekly deep conditioning routine could fit into your regimen?
About Kelsey: I’m Kelsey Janae aka Lifewithcoco2, I love all things natural hair. I seek to inspire and educate using my knowledge of all things hair, health, and beauty. My goal is to encourage women and men to always be the best version of themselves.

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