Why the Vixen Sew-In is the Next Best Thing for Weave Wearing Naturals

Vixen weave

Ever heard of the “Vixen sew-in weave”? If you follow various protective styling or weave-magic Instagram or Pinterest pages, you might have heard of this look. Essentially, the Vixen sew-in is a newly popular weave installation method that applies tracks in 4 different sections, rather than the single “hive” method that is traditionally used. There is hair left out all around the edges, as well as in two parts cutting down the middle of your hair, and cutting across. Here’s a video to explain:

While there aren’t too many examples of a vixen weave with curly or kinky textured hair (shout out to whoever makes the video first!), I do think this install method is the greatest choice for naturals who want to wear a weave that matches their hair texture, perhaps by one of these lines. But before I get into the awesome benefits, a word of caution:
If you plan on getting a STRAIGHT weave or a weave that is a vastly different texture than your own natural hair, the Vixen install process is actually NOT a better idea for your hair. Leaving out more hair means potentially damaging more hair trying to get it to blend with your install. It’s one struggle to have the hair around your edges heat damaged after a weave, but a completely different level of hair woe if you end up with a fro — aside from a random t shape of straight hair after you takedown the weave. This is also more suitable for naturals with hair no more than 6 inches shorter than their weave of choice, lest the “blend” ends up looking more like jacked up layers. 

On to the two main reasons you should ask your weaveologist to do a vixen sew-in for your next curly/kinky weave install:

Reason #1 – You can take better care of your hair under the weave
While shampooing, it’s easier to reach between your tracks with an applicator bottle
The notorious weave itch is minimized since it is easier to oil your scalp
Working with smaller, pre-made sections can make the detangling process easier
Nighttime maintenance is a breeze – just put your hair into 4 bantu knots or buns

Reason #2 – You have WAY more styling versatility
You can wear your curly/kinky weave in a high bun
You can wear afro puffs – either side by side or one on top of the other
You can do crown twists, french braids, flat twist updos, and countless other updos and half updo styles
Have you tried the Vixen weave with straight hair? Do you think it could work with curly/kinky weaves for us weave-wearing naturals?

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