Top Knots Times Two! A Double Top Knot Hairstyle Done On Natural Hair


Ohhh tell me what you want, what you really really want! I’ll tell you what you want, want you really , really want! I wanna , I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! I wanna really, really, really wanna ma- Okay let me stop y’all, in case you guys did not know that was my inner Scary Spice Spice Girl thing going on. I know you guys are probably thinking “Why is the girl singing Spice Girls songs?” Well trust me y’all, there is rationale to my madness.
Do you guys remember those bangin’ bantu knots that Mel B aka Scary Spice used to rock like crazy? (I loved that hairstyle when I was younger!) Well, I happened to stumble upon a Double Top Knot hairstyle created by Youtuber Ambrosia Malbrough and to me it just SCREAMS Spice Girl! Now, I know that top knots and bantu knots are two totally different hairstyles but for some reason the way that she is rocking these buns just says spunky and fierce! Without further ado, lets get into how you can achieve the Double Top Knot.

Sidenote: Before starting any hairstyle make sure that your hair is nicely moisturized. This will help you achieve any style and reduce any breakage from mechanical damage that may occur while achieving this style!
Products Used to Achieve This Hairstyle:

Shea Butter- As and emollient and to impart moisture to the hair or any moisturizer that fits your fancy

Flax Seed Gel- To smooth down the hair or any gel that you prefer

2 Ponytail Holders- To hold the buns in place
Length Needed To Achieve This Hairstyle:
This hairstyle works best on medium-long to long hair to achieve the results that Ambrosian Malbrough recieved in her video sans extensions. However, this style can be adjusted to suit shorter hair as well. In the video, she also starts her hairstyle with pre-stretched hair. You can stretch your hair via twists, banding, bantu knots, braids etc.

Here is Ambrosia Malbrough working her magic with those top knots!

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