5 Times the Natural Hair Community Went Too Far

You know what, I love us. The natural hair communiity online, at meet ups, and even the random ladies I give head nods to on the street because they have dope hair, makes the journey so much more enjoyable. But too much of a good thing can go wrong, so these are five times when I think we took it too far.
1. Pi Nappa Kappa Sorority
PiNappaKappa crest

In the summer of 2011, a time which the Huffington Post claimed “the natural hair craze [...] reached a new level”, the Pi Nappa Kappa Sorority was created by Leola Anifowoshe, the same woman behind the Nzuri Natural hair shows. The sorority’s Charter states they exist “to provide a platform for natural hair women around the world to come together to discuss their natural hair and living lifestyles.” At a time when the number of resources available for natural-haired women was still growing, many felt that it would be a great thing to formalize this sense of community. However, only 2,407 people pledged before the end of 2011 (though they now have over 16,000 likes on Facebook), so perhaps it was an idea before its time. The sorority has since evolved but is still around and taking members, so if you’re interested, you can join by heading over to the virtual PiNK house (gotta admit, that’s cute), where you can get a line number, paraphernalia, and join in on their forum discussions and events.
2. Inversion Method

inversion method

This was hot for a bit, but somebody somewhere realized that holding your head down for minutes at a time, for days at a time, could magically make your hair grow inches more than it usually does. While I’m all for a forward fold as a core yoga position, I’m not sure I can understand the necessity of holding your head upside down to promote your scalp’s blood circulation, which is thought to speed up hair growth. I’m surprised there weren’t more blog posts about neck cramps whiplash.

3. Petition for Motions to revoke Taren Guy’s Sponsorship

Thankfully only 132 people saw this fit to lend their signature, but an anonymous “Concerned Black Woman” believes that Taren “continues to damage the core and the fiber of what it means to be a black woman in this country” and thus should not be backed by Motions or it’s parent company Unilever. The individual specifically refers to Taren’s child-bearing decisions… aka her personal business. There’s an entire blog dedicated to Taren shade/hate/beef, which I can only imagine was started by a natural. Regardless of whether you like a blogger, making it your duty to come at their life is doing entirely too much – and is the ultimate example of divisiveness within the natural hair community.
4. Bull Sperm for Hair Growth


I won’t spend much time on this since BGLH already covered the facts, but the weird products that naturals come across in the pursuit of length has got to stop!

5. When we drove Solange away

Remember when Solange was one of the faces of Carol’s Daughter? They enlisted her along with Cassie and Selita Ebanks to promote their Transitioning Movement back in 2012. But then we bothered her too much about her hair, called it unkempt and such, leading her to quit her ambassadorship, stating she never signed up to be the “team natural vice president”. Even though Solange still serves as a great representation of natural hair’s versatility and beauty in the celebrity world, especially for kinky textured naturals, it is a shame that we pushed her away from being more involved.

Be honest, did you participate in any of these moments when we collective went too far? Are there any other times when the natural hair community did entirely the most?

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