4 Halloween Looks for Natural Hair Gals

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Oh my goodness y’all! So one of my favorite holidays are coming right around the corner…HALLOWEEN! Yes, I love Halloween, and it doesn’t matter how old I get, I always will. I mean how can you not? Crisp, Fall air. Jack-O-Lanterns and the best part of all – the costumes!
Halloween is an especially good time to show how creative we can get with our natural hair, I mean, natural hair is like the super hair among all hair (we can transform it into anything !) so what better time than now right? With that said, I have found three natural hairstyles that can inspire you to get your ghoul on!

1. The Lioness
What better way to showcase your natural hair in all of its glory and fierceness than as a lioness! GRROWWWLLLL!! Here, Youtuber Donedo shows us how to achieve this look.

Now, in the video she shows both her hair and makeup process for this costume idea, however this video focuses more on the makeup than the hair style. Luckily, she made a thorough tutorial on how to achieve “lion” hair via her 2 Strand Bantu Knot Out.Here is the Donedo demonstrating the how-to for the same hairstyle that she had in her Lioness Halloween tutorial!
The Products That Were Used to Achieve This Style:
A Leave-In- In this tutorial, Donedo uses Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditoner but you can use any leave-in that you like

Styler- For her styler, Donedo uses Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, but as mentioned before you can use any styler that you fancy if you do not want to use Miss Jessies.

Gel- Eco Styler Gel or any gel that works for your hair
Oil -Argan Oil or any oil that you would like

Hair Length Required to Achieve this Style:
This hairstyle tutorial can work for all lengths of hair, but keep in mind, the longer the hair the bigger the hair. So if you have short to medium natural hair and want to have that big hair effect, you can achieve that by possibly doing crochet braids with Marley hair or Afro kinky hair and create twisted bantu knots with the extension hair. Here is Donedo showcasing her full Lioness get-up!

2. Niobe From the Matrix (Bantu Knots)
If I had to think of one of the baddest chicks in cinema it would definitely be Jada Pinkett as Niobe in the Matrix. Strong. Beautiful. Independent.- she was all of that! Youtuber and the other half of UrbanBushBabes, Nikisha, shows us how to achieve Niobes’ signature look- those beautiful bantu knots in the tutorial below!

Products Used to Achieve This Style:
Spritz- Good Ole’ H20
Moisturizer-Camile Rose Natural Moisture Butter or any moisturizer you would like.
Gel- Kinky Curly Custard or any moisturizer you would like.

Hair Length Needed to Achieve This Style:
You can achieve this hairstyle with hair length. And since you are doing bantu knots, which is not only a style but also a form of stretching your hair, you do not need to stretch you your prior to re-creating this style.
3. Susie from the Rugrats
When I was a kid, Rugrats was one of my favorite cartoons and Susie Carmichael was one of my favorite characters, I loved her because she was like the big sister of Tommy and his friends. So when I saw this tutorial, I was too tickled! In the video below, Youtuber CharyJay shows us how she achieved Susies’ look! Check it out:

Products Needed to Achieve This Style:
2 packs of Marley Hair
1 pack of pipe cleaners- To wrap the Marley hair around. You can also use wire, which will probably help the twists hang in the air like Susies.
Flower Hair Pins/ Clips
Ponytail Holders
Comb- To Part your hair into clean sections

Hair Length Needed to Achieve This Style:
As long as your hair can easily be put into three puffs/buns/ponytails , you can achieve this style. Since extensions are used in this tutorial, it is not necessary for you to have long hair. If you have short hair, it will probably be easier to stretch the hair via bantu knots, twists, braids, banding, African threading, or whatever stretching method you would like to use.

4. Medusa
Ohh, Medusa! Miss Im-going-to-turn-everyone-who-looks-at-me-into-stone is one of the greatest evil female creatures of our time or anyones time as a matter of fact. Who better to be for Halloween than she? And through Youtuber Chescaleigh conquering the look of Medusa via her locs, you can’t get any fiercer than that!

Products Needed to Achieve This Style:
Aluminum Foil Wire- To wrap locs around so that they could stick up
Wire Cutters – To cut the wires
Plastic Snake Toy Heads- To put on the ends of the locs

Hair Length Needed to Achieve This Style:
This tutorial is best suited for long locs, but if you have faux locs than you should be able to achieve this style. You can also try this style with 2 strand twists if you aren’t a loc’d lady.

That’s it guys! I hope that you like these tutorials and if you are celebrating Halloween let us know what you are going to be in the comments below!

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