3 Tips to Prepare Type 4 Natural Hair For The Winter Months

If you’re like me, then you’re probably already planning for the upcoming cold seasons. You might even start shopping for cozy sweaters and cute winter jackets to look super fly in the wintertime. The same is true for my hair regimen. I want my hair to look super fly in the winter months, so I start preparing for the winter season ahead of time. Here are a few things I start doing when preparing my hair for the winter months:
Increase Moisture
Moisture is important for type 4 hair year round. However, it is especially important in the winter season when the cold, dry nature of the weather can make our hair type even drier. So, in anticipation of the excessively dry weather, I start preparing my hair by increasing its moisture. This involves making sure that I increase the frequency of my moisturizing deep conditioning treatments. It also means that I can’t get too lax with my moisturizing regimen (daily, weekly, etc.). Increasing my hair’s moisture is the first step to ensuring that my hair is prepared for the winter weather. It is important to remember that increasing your hair’s moisture also involves increasing water intake. So drink up!
Increase Protein
In addition to increasing moisture, I also increase the frequency of my protein treatments. For instance, if I usually do protein treatments every 2 months, I start doing them monthly instead. Protein will strengthen the hair and also help to maintain a healthy moisture-protein balance. The stronger your hair is the better prepared it will be to handle any weather condition of any season. Some of my favorite protein hair treatments are homemade. A simple, inexpensive protein treatment using just a couple of eggs can make a big difference. Apply the whipped eggs to your hair for about 30 mins and rinse with cool water. Sometimes I add oil, conditioner or honey for additional benefits.

bonafidestyle protein treatment natural hair

Protective Styling Planning
I have found that the winter months are a great time to wear protective styles. I favor the winter months for protective styling especially if I choose to install braids or twists with marley hair. Trust me, when it gets cold outside you will definitely appreciate the extra warmth a protective style like braids will provide. Even if you choose not to wear braids, any other protective style will help keep your hair protected from the winter elements. As early as September, I begin thinking of which protective style(s) I’d like to wear throughout the winter months.

 How do you prepare your hair for the winter season?

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