3 Reasons Why Your Hair is Thin

There is a difference between fine hair and thin hair.  

Your hair can be fine but full. 

What I am referring to are those of you who have done so much damage to your hair that you have "see through hair."  It’s not worth it to have thin strands of hair all the way down your back.
 There is nothing attractive about that. 
No one is going to look and say, “Oh that girl has long hair!”  No they won’t admire it, they will most likely say, “oh my that girl has really thin hair, why doesn’t she cut it
There are several reasons why your hair may be thin and just not up to par with what it can do.  Here are a few reasons your strands may be lacking in volume.
1.) Stress – is a major factor within our community.  When you are stressed your body is literally in a contracted state.  I want you to just clench your fist as tight as you can then try to insert a pencil between the thumb and fore finger.  It won’t enter I know!  This is exactly what happen internally as well.  Stress kills!  It also prevents nutrition from effecting entering your cells.  If the rest of your body can’t receive the nutrition it needs far less your hair
2.) Imbalanced Layers – naturally the hair at the very top of your hair has a bit more of a journey from the hair that is in the back of your head.  Often times women think of the hair in the back while neglecting the hair that is at the top.  In order to see full hair, tend to the strands at the top as well.  When this top hair grows out longer, this creates a fuller head of
hair.  Be patient, nurture it so it grows too.
3.) Over Processing – yup I went there.  Do I really have to tell you that if you over lap the relaxer you are really burning out the hair and making it life less?  Another way you can over process and fry out your strands is by excess heat.  Give it a rest please!
Often times there are so many things that you are doing wrong that it’s natural you won’t see results.  I know a woman whose hair was extremely thin for so many years.  One day she cut out the relaxer and started to care for her hair by applying everything I suggest in the book.  Now her hair is quite long and above all so full that even she can’t believe it’s her hair.
I am sure there are ways you would like to see your hair grow but assume that it cant grow in that way.  I can assure you, that black hair not only grows easily, it grows very long as well.

Check your routine and you may realize that you are experiencing one of the three things or more.

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