The Gray Hair Trend: Would You Try It?

gray curls

There is an abundance of pressure for us, as women, to look beautiful – and forever youthful. Commercials and reality shows bombard us with “solutions” ranging from anti-wrinkle creams to botox to plastic surgery in order to eliminate any face and neck wrinkles. To cover up the graying of our hair, “fixes” range from hair dyes to wigs to weaves. (For black women, though black may take longer to crack, graying shows little discrimination, especially if genetics has predetermined an early onset.)
Rocking your natural gray
Many women are pushing back on traditional beauty standards and unashamedly accepting the aging process. In terms of hair, it’s becoming more popular to embrace one’s natural gray strands while the need to hide under box dyes or wigs is diminishing. The association between gray and old age is breaking. Gray has become “edgy”, “hip”and “fabulous.” Gray is now “confident.” In a way, gray is the new black!

naturally gray

Two young ladies who are naturally gray and unashamed of it. (LEFT) Carrie Pink of (RIGHT) Ty Alexander of

The gray hair trend: going gray on purpose
This growing acceptance of gray hair has likely birthed (or, at least contributed to) the trend of young women turning to salons to go gray …on purpose. Young women are rocking gray strands at various levels from a slight ombre and bold streaks to a full-head look. Forget about platinum blonde. Gray is here.

gray trend 10

Fashion fail or fashion forward?
The fact that naturally gray hair is being embraced establishes a powerful statement, but is the unnaturally gray hair trend that is being pushed by young women going too far fashion-wise? Some would ask: Why go gray on purpose? Why age your look prematurely? You have your later years in life to go gray so why wear the look now? The idea might seem backwards especially in contrast to the reality that many women have spent years aiming to look younger rather than older.

gray trend 8
On the other hand, the trend could be fashion forward and perhaps making a statement that extends beyond fashion. The trend towards gray strands – natural or not – can be seen as a bold, fashionable move almost akin to chopping off one’s hair. Going from black hair to gray tresses could be analogous to going from long hair to a super short fade. The move is edgy. It is different. It is unexpected. It speaks confidence and in that confidence comes beauty.

gray trend 11

In either case, I will admire the gray hair trend from a distance and patiently (and gladly) wait until my few silver strands turn into the more noticeable salt and pepper look.  When the time comes, I hope to proudly rock my gray.  In the mean time, I’m good.

Is the gray hair trend fashion forward or a fashion fail? Would you do it?

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