Does 4C Natural Hair Mean Limited Styling?

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My freshly washed, towel-blotted hair.
By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Does 4C natural hair mean limited styling?  Or are naturals who think that way limited by their mindset?
In my opinion, natural hair – regardless of type – is versatile.  The reality that we can rock one look one day and a completely different look another day is one thing I love about being natural.  For example, one week I can wear beautiful twists that morph into what appear to be locs and another week I can wear a cute braid-out on stretched hair that morphs into a shrunken puff. I love that natural hair can transform almost magically.  I love the ability to switch up styles drastically!

So, what exactly is “limiting” about styling 4C natural hair? I really am asking.  Is it “limiting” that 4C (or even, 4B) naturals cannot rock a wash-n-go that has curls?  Is it “limiting” that our shrinkage makes midback-length tresses transform into a small afro?  Or are curls (as opposed to kinks) and long tresses (as opposed to small afros) reflections of what is within our mind as the epitome of beauty?

When I look at 4C natural hair, I see the almost endless styles that our hair can do.  From aged braid-outs to fluffy roller sets to intricate updos.  From twists to defined twist-outs to regal puffs.  From afros to fro-hawks to stretched buns.   The list goes on.

So if you are 4C and you feel that your hair type limits your styling (or even your beauty), I urge you to look within yourself.  Is it your hair that needs to change or is it your mindset?  In the meantime, check out this beautiful 4C natural, Jouelzy, eloquently discussing the versatility of our hair:

Is your styling limited by your hair type?

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