4 Techniques to Quickly Stretch Natural Hair and Show Off More Length

Most naturals have SHRINKAGE, sometimes it’s mild and sometimes it’s intense. And while shrinkage serves many positive purposes, sometimes we just want to show off our length without applying heat. Here are four techniques I use to show off a little more length, without having to apply heat to my hair:

Double Braids

Double Braids natural hair_wm
On days when I’m lazy busy and also wish to stretch my hair, I do two jumbo braids on previously moisturized hair. The braided pigtails help to stretch my hair overnight adding a little more length, with very little effort. It is also a quick way to keep my hair contained while I sleep, which minimizes tangles.

Bantu Knots

bantu knot natural hair_wm
Another quick way I stretch my hair without heat is with bantu knots. I do 2-4 jumbo bantu knots and let them set overnight. In the morning, I have stretched hair with very loose waves. I’ve also found that the ‘jumbo bantu knot’ method adds extra volume to the hair. So, when I’m looking for both extra volume and length, I opt for this method. Again, this is usually done on hair that was previously moisturized a day or two before. Re-wetting or re-moisturizing the hair increases shrinkage. You might want to forgo re-wetting or re-moisturizing immediately before doing this will help to minimize shrinkage.


banding natural hair
Using small hair ties, I band my hair to stretch and increase length. This method usually takes the longest but is also a fairly quick way to increase length without heat. This can be done on dry, moisturized hair. Or, you can try it on freshly washed hair.

Braidout vs. Twistout

braidout twistout natural hair_wm 
One of favorite styles is the braidout. Not only do the results usually turn out better, braidouts also add extra length that twistouts don’t. My typical braidouts are usually done using 8-12 braids using a moisturizer and a shea butter-based sealant. So, if you’re looking for a style that shows off your length, try doing a braidout instead of a twistout.
How do you stretch your hair without heat? Have you ever tried any of these techniques?

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