4 Benefits of Shrinkage

In the length/growth focused natural hair world, shrinkage often gets a bad rap. But this natural hair phenomenon also comes with benefits.
1. Shrinkage provides volume.

For fine-haired naturals in particular, shrinkage can remove ‘scalpiness’ or the appearance of thin/low volume hair. It’s kind of a trade off of length for volume.

2. Shrinkage helps with shaping.

Shrunken hair is easier to shape and fluff than fully stretched hair.
3. Shrinkage is an optimum environment for moisture retention.

To retain stretched/blowdried styles, moisture must be avoided. If this goes on for too long, breakage is almost inevitable. With shrunken hair you can moisturize as often as necessary without worrying that it will mess up your style.
4. Shrunken hair retains more of a curl/coil pattern.

In shrunken/moist conditions, coils pop and thrive.
What are your feelings about shrinkage? Do you appreciate it or do you think it’s a pain?

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