Does Warmer Weather Really Help your Hair Grow Faster?

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If you live in a four season environment, then you are likely enjoying a break from cold weather and looking forward to taking your hair out of hibernation.  When it comes to seasonal changes and the health of our natural hair, there is a perception that winter wreaks the most havoc on our curly tresses;while milder seasons foster hair health. There is some truth to that but, like with most things in life, there are exceptions and caveats.  Before you assume that your hair will automatically benefit from the change in seasons, I want to advise you that warmer weather may be beneficial but only if you are mindful of a few principles of natural hair care.
Lifestyle Changes During the Summer

If we are to assume that warm weather holds natural benefits for our hair, then we are implying that cold weather is innately  harmful to our hair. More than anything else, cold weather poses a problem for our hair because of the lack of moisture in the air which contributes to brittle, dry hair. In addition to the climate changes, there are lifestyle  changes that occur during the changes in the season. According to trichologist (hair expert), Elizabeth Cunnan Phillips, we tend to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer compared to winter. Healthier eating, not the weather, therefore, can also  contribute to an increase in hair growth.

Watch Out for Summer Breakage!

The myth that warm weather automatically makes your hair grow faster can lead one to be slack in their daily hair care regimen. I for one recall a few summers ago when I wore braid outs every single day and was surprised that my hair was dry, brittle and breaking. As it turns out, the humidity in the air isn’t as beneficial for your hair if you completely neglect your hair health. I needed to moisturize my hair every day ( I sprayed whole leaf aloe vera juice on my hair each night) to avoid dryness and breakage. If you neglect your regular routine, you could lose out on the potential benefits that warmer weather can provide for your hair
Summer Growth is Marginal

The summers when I noticed the most hair growth were those in which I wore one of favorite hairstyles, mini twists. Leaving my hair alone for 3-4 weeks at a time (other than rinsing) worked quite well for my hair. However, even with the best care, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you will retain 5 inches over 3 months or double your rate of growth. I recommend enjoying free, fun styles that you no longer have to cover with a hat and remain faithful to your hair routine. Even if your hair doesn’t grow faster or if you only retain a ½ inch more hair growth, you definitely don’t want to  lose ground as you pursue your hair journey.

Does your hair grow faster during the summer? If not, is there a season that you find to be most beneficial to your hair?

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