6 Fun Heatless Natural Hair Styles for the Summer


Who says you have to use heat to achieve styles like those listed here?  If you want to learn the heatless alternatives, continue reading.  Hurry up and try them before it gets too humid out there!
1. Heatless Roller Set Curls

Toni, from MyNaturalSistas, demonstrates how to achieve a beautiful heatless roller set in the above tutorial.  She starts from freshly washed, damp (but not too wet) hair.  Though it can be a challenge to maintain the style past a day, it may still be worth it for some of you.

2. Edgy Updo with Curls

For this look, Kim’s hair is initially stretched via her heatless method, which you can view here. This method helps the eventual curls she creates (with rollers) to come out smooth and sleek.  Other than rollers, you will need bobby pins and a donut bun to achieve the final look.  (Though she uses a dryer to speed up the process she also states that you can let your roller set air-dry on its own.)

3. Sleek Chunky Twist Updo

This tutorial is one half of the collaboration between Simplycre8eve and Naturalmetra for bridal hair styles.  However, this style does not have to be limited to just bridal events; it can be worn for many other occasions too.  NaturalMetra starts from a heatless blow-out, which you can find here, to create this look.
4. Sassy Summer Updo with Bantu Knot Out

Many of NaturallyNellzy’s styles are fun, including this one. Her hair is previously stretched via a “cool” blow-out, which is pretty ingenious. This method is an alternative to using heat, whether low or high, to blow dry.  Afterwards, she does an overnight air-dried bantu knot set and forms this beautiful creation.

5. Dressed Up High Bun

For this style, Pure Estrogen starts from hair that is stretched via her threading method, which you can find here.  She then creates this elegant spin on the traditional high bun.  Watch her tutorial above for details.

6. Classic Jumbo Twist Updo

Last, but not least, is the other half of the collaboration between Simplycre8eve and Naturalmetra.  For this look, Simplycre8eve starts from a heatless blow-out (via banding), which you can view here. This video actually features two styles, so you can one or both.

Ladies, what do you think about these heatless styles?  Would you try any?

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