5 Steps to See Hair Length Gains Within 2 Months

It is roll call time! We are getting to the end of the first quarter of the year and the question is…….is your hair longer now than it was in December? If your answer is yes, well done! If your answer is no, then this article is for you. If your desire is to finally see your hair gain length, then here are 5 steps that you can take to achieve that goal:
1. Give it time -  2-3 months

It is difficult to see hair growth on a week to week basis. Sometimes it is also difficult to see on a monthly basis as not all parts of the head have hair growing at the same time. However after 2-3 months, hair length gains are generally unmissable. You need to measure your current length and that is it, no more measuring until your 2 or 3 month set period is over.

2. Stop trimming. Opt for search and destroy

If you are addicted to fresh ends with hair that curls perfectly and tend to become scissor happy, this could be a big reason why you are not seeing length gains. Sometimes, none of that hair that you are cutting is damaged, it’s just older and needs a little extra conditioning, moisturizing or just to be tucked in. If you are not seeing hair length gains, opt for a search and destroy method during the next 3 months. In this period, only hair with a visible split should be cut off. No splits, no cuts.
3. Low maintenance AND No manipulation

For the next 2-3 months choose a hairstyle/s that you would consider low maintenance and either low or no manipulation. Low maintenance means that you will not require more than 5 minutes to style the hair and be presentable. If you require more than 5 minutes, it is not a low maintenance style.

A low manipulation style is one that needs a small amount of detangling for example a wash and go on hair that does not tangle easily. A no manipulation style is one where the individual strands are not handled on a daily basis, therefore detangling is not required. Examples include own hair twists/braids, braids or twists with hair extensions, wigs and weaves.  If you can keep a no manipulation style for 2 months without taking it out (except around the perimeter which often needs redoing every 1-2 weeks), you are well on your way to a longer hair length.
4. Find a washing routine, stick with it

If you are going to keep a no-manipulation style, never neglect your hair. You should continue to wash and condition it as you normally would, whether this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You should not increase or decrease your frequency as even hair washing does count as hair manipulation.

5. Keep your free hair stretched

If you want a break from a no-manipulation style then make sure that you always choose a stretched style to showcase your free hair. Stretching your hair minimises tangles which can cause breakage and damage. No heat stretching with banding, twists outs/knot outs/braid outs, curlformers or African threading will generally yield the least damage to your hair.

Ladies, have you tried these tips before? How do you break out of plateaus?

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