Just Let it Go! 3 Reasons to Cut Off Your Hair (And 3 Reasons NOT To!)

Actress Tia Mowry rocking her cut
A failed relationship never tempted me to chop off my thick, kinky tresses. In fact failed relationships allowed me to look deeper into myself and spend more time on my appearance, especially grooming my hair. For me, hair care is a necessity and a hobby, but for some women, cutting their hair can be a cleansing process or a way to heal after a bout of what seemed like never ending melancholy. But although emotional times never triggered an urge to take shears to my hair, bad hair days have had me sitting on the side of the tub in my bathroom thinking “Is it time for a change?” Read the check-list below to decide if chopping your hair is a good idea or something you may regret.
A cut is a great idea for change if

• Your hair is relaxed or heat damaged and you’re finding inspiring natural haired ladies at every corner.

Since there is no way to undo the chemical process of a relaxer or reverse severe heat damage, it’s a great idea embrace a change and go for something different.

• Your hair began to shed after the birth of your child. 

The hormonal changes that arrive during and after pregnancy can leave some mothers feeling drained of beauty. Hair may begin to feel abnormally dry or brittle despite your grandest efforts to keep it moisturized, and might eventually snap off. Although there is no doubt that your young children need you at their side and must be well nurtured; it’s important for mothers’ to feel happy about themselves as well. Getting a trim or new cut can rid you of all signs of dull breaking hair and even give you a hot low maintenance look.

• You’ve been wanting a hair cut for months. 

If you’ve been yearning for a new shorter do for some time, a change can still be scary, but it’s safe to say that you are prepared to handle it. It’s important to note that kinky and curly hair shrinks considerably when it is wet, so always take that into consideration when you’re planning for a cut. Also, instead of getting rid of a great deal of length at once, consider dividing the length you want to cut into 2 or 3 haircut sessions just to be sure that shorter hair is what you truly want.

No Don’t Do it, Please Don’t Do it: Reasons you should NOT do a big chop

You saw a beautiful haircut on a celebrity. 

Celebrities have access to an abundant array of stylists who can help them achieve any look they want, and all on a whim. Certain haircuts and styles are not easy to maintain on your own and it may leave you disappointed in how your hair looks after your first post-cut wash. When considering celebrity styles, think about all aspect of your haircut and decide if you’re willing to maintain the cost of your style at the salon.

You’re admiring a haircut on someone who has a different hair type and face/body shape than yourself. 

Every hair type can be styled and molded to become a better version of itself; but there is no cookie cutter style that will suit everyone. A haircut will never be 100% replicable, so take the aspects that you enjoy most about the cut and make it your own. This will ensure that you get an individual look that you suits your hair, face shape and body type.

You had a bad experience with your hair. 

It’s typical to have a day where you’ve used the same products and followed the same routine, but your hair is behaving badly! This is by no means enjoyable and for some it can truly be frustrating and perplexing. Don’t let a detangling session that lasted an hour or 5 too long frustrate you into making a change that you will regret when you become more calm, patient and relaxed. It takes only a moment to remove hair with shears but it can take years to grow back. If you have a friend with natural hair, maybe you both can trade hair help. Having a friend help is another set of eyes on your hair that may be able to help you see what your own eyes won’t allow you to. Take a deep breath, think clearly about what may have gone wrong, switch products if necessary and try to get to a place of homeostasis with your hair.

Have you ever cut your hair after a devastating time in your life? Did you regret it?

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