How To Maintain and Grow Fine Hair

Beautifully styled fine hair
By Hollis

While many women with naturally curly hair complain of the issues too much volume can cause, those with fine hair have the exact opposite problem. Fine hair is a real challenge to care for, especially as it begins to grow out. As fine tresses get longer, curls and coils get heavy and weigh themselves down, which makes hair appear thinner.

Finding the right hair products is key to helping fine hair look it’s best. Using too much product or products that are too heavy will weigh your hair down and leave it lifeless. On the other hand, using too little product or the wrong products can leave hair frizzy with no curl definition.

Here are some tips for helping fine hair look it’s best:

Over-cleansed hair is difficult to control. Use a gentle, conditioning shampoo to wash your hair. High quality shampoos help protect your hair from abrasion during the wash process. You can also pre-poo if you find it helpful.

•  Though you want to avoid weighing hair down, you also want to avoid under conditioning your strands. Use rinse-off conditioners that say “dry” or “damaged” hair not “fine” hair. Conditioners labeled for fine hair are usually too light for African American hair.

• When it comes to leave-in conditioners and styling products, experiment with products that say “fine hair” on the label because this is where it’s easy to over do it. You can decide if you need a heavier formula after seeing how your hair reacts to these.

•  Comb and brush your hair as little as possible. Fine hair is extremely prone to mechanical damage.

• Fine hair looks great with a little color but since it does not stand up to chemical treatments as well as thicker hair, a platinum blonde look isn’t for you.

•  If you straighten your hair, keep the temperature low. Fine strands can easily be damaged by heat. In most cases, it should not be set above 350 F.

• Consider adding a reconstructing treatment to your hair care regimen. Look for conditioners that list protein (e.g. hydrolyzed silk protein) as one of the first five ingredients. This will strengthen your strands and prevent breakage.

Get your ends dusted every 2 months or so. The ends of fine hair split easily, even if you do your best to avoid that.

•  Patience is key if you plan to grow fine hair to long lengths. Its fragility makes retaining length difficult, but not impossible.

Do you have fine hair? What’s your secret to keeping it healthy and gorgeous? What’s your go-to style?


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