Got Short Natural Hair? Spice It Up With Comb Twist

 by hollisticsf

One of the best things about having short natural hair is the freedom that comes along with it. At that stage, the wash-n-go is your best friend, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s so easy, low maintenance, and healthy for your hair! But as much as you love your TWA, sometimes a girl just wants to spice it up a bit.

At first glance you might think your styling options are nonexistent, but that’s not true! This is a style that’s easy to do on your own and chances are, you already have everything you need to pull it off. Once created, this style can last for weeks at a time. So it’s a great protective style to use while trying to retain length and grow your hair out. Just be sure to wash and deep condition your hair before hand since you might be wearing your hair like this for a while.

Try different variations of this style by doing flat twist in the front or sides. For a more long-lasting change, consider coloring your hair! This style looks great on colored hair.

What You Need

  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Wide tooth comb for detanging
  • Rat tail comb for creating twist
  • Defining gel or cream
  • Clips for sectioning
How To Get The Look

Start with freshly washed hair, making sure it is thoroughly detangled. Section hair at the nape of your neck using horizontal partings for control.
Making sure hair is damp, take small sections and coat with a small amount of gel, combing through for even distribution
Place the comb in the hair at the scalp. Glide the comb through the hair while turning it clockwise in a  circular motion while pulling down to form curl.
Create evenly parted sections as you work your way towards the front of your head so the twist will have a uniform shape and size.
Repeat until entire head is complete and sit under a hooded dryer to set the style and allow product to dissipate.
You can wear your hair in a neat Comb Twist. Or to create volume, pull the twist apart a little bit for a chunky, fun look.

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* Kbrow33 (Thank you) pointed out that this is a cute style but looks “scalpy” and I totally see what she’s saying. I think some women choose to wear it that way to stretch the style for longer. Then after a week or so they loosen the twist to get the chunkier (less scalpy) look that you or I would prefer. Skip the scalpiness by loosening the twist as soon as they are fully dry. Once you do that, you get lots of volume and fullness that looks like this:


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