Does This Count As Long Healthy Natural Hair?

by hollistics

It seems like almost everyone has become length obsessed these days when it comes to hair. Gone are the days when healthy hair was in. Now it’s all about having long hair by any means necessary.

It’s even spilled over into celebrity culture. Everyday there’s a new celeb that takes to twitter or social media to show off their real hair length beneath their wigs and weaves. One of the latest to do so is Toya Wright, ex-wife of rapper Lil Wayne. However, Toya’s big reveal had most people feeling perplexed if not conflicted.

While the back of her hair looks to be natural and reaches to her mid-back, the front is a whole different story. It’s very strait and appears to be very broken. Obviously, that’s because the front of her hair is constantly being blended with extensions. By the same token, it was the probably the protective styling of wearing constant weaves that allowed the back of her hair to grow so long in the first place.

It seems bitter sweet to have such a hair situation. The back is long and healthy looking, which is what most people want. However, the front – the part that people see first, is not natural or healthy at all. What a conundrum!

Still, Toya seems very pleased with the appearance of her hair, tweeting “#allmine” and “#longhairdontcare”, and this isn’t her first time showing off her hair. She also posted this picture to Twitter saying “This is for the non believers…It’ all mine baby!! #Pow”

What do you think of her Toya’s big reveal? Does this really count as having long healthy natural hair?


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