4 Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyles

quick and easy natural hairstyles 4 Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyles
In a rush? Always feel like you never have enough time? I often look for quick and easy natural hairstyles myself even when im not in a rush. Go figure. Sometimes it’s just easier to get the quick fix and go! Here are 4 quick and easy natural hairstyles for you to try

1. The Wet Bun: This style is so tried and true for me. I have gotten to the point where I will do this for 2 weeks straight. All you have to do is wet your hair overnight , leave conditioner in it, seal your ends, and pull it into a bun while your hair is soaking wet in the shower. Wrap it up with a scarf before bed and run out the door in the morning
2. Twists: I don’t think this has to be said. If take the time and twists your hair one day, it can last you at the very least a week and half. All you do is spray with water,seal, and get up and go.
3. The Puff: Did your twistout get old? Is your braid out not so defined anymore? The almighty puff works wonders for me when I’m in a time crunch. It is a very quick and easy natural hairstyle for anyone!

Tip: If your headbands always pop, take the top of some old pantyhose, cut it out, and BAM you have an elastic headband that will hold your hair for life!
4.The CinnaBun: This style eludes SO many people and its so quick! All you have to do is pull your hair in a puff , section and twist your hair as if you were making a bantu knot, position it how you want it on your head, and bobby pin it down. It takes all of 10 mins.

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