Women Hair Fall Debacle - Transplant Surgery To Your Aid


Are you losing an excessive amount of hair everyday? If your answer is yes, you're not alone. There are thousands of people out there, undergoing the same condition. It is pretty normal for men as well as women to lose hair, whether combing, blow drying or taking bath in the shower. As a matter of fact, most people lose almost 100 hair follicles everyday. Nevertheless, excessive or abnormal loss often leads to baldness - an issue that's more serious and needs medical treatment and attention.

For a woman, her hair is her crowning glory. So, when a woman starts going bald, she gets worried and loses sleep over her receding hairline. When it comes to baldness, women are way more conscious than men. Of course, a wig may momentarily keep her away from social embarrassment but that's not a permanent solution to their problem. Luckily, there are ways and techniques available to help restore their lost follicles and boost their self-esteem.

Although baldness is pretty uncommon or rare in women, the phenomenon is generally different from that in men. In case of male baldness, there are two basic sections - receding hairline over the crown of the head and thinning of the front hairline close to the temple. As for the women, pattern baldness generally occurs as a diffuse thinning in follicle density - a normal receding hairline without frontal recession.

Hair loss in women - The basic reasons

There are many reasons behind hair loss in women. The most common reason is a hereditary condition called alopecia. Women may inherit this disease from their mother or father. Alopecia results in visible baldness and many doctors use steroids for treating this condition. In extreme cases, the condition continues till the patient notices complete baldness and needs medical surgery.

An experienced physician does a thorough assessment of your health to detect conditions like malfunctioning thyroid glands, polycyclic ovaries, diabetes and birth control pills. When a physician detects the exact cause behind hair loss, the treatment is highly beneficial and effective. A responsible and efficient doctor does a through check up of your scalp and health condition before suggesting, confirming and doing a restoration treatment.

Follicle restoration surgery - Is it just for men?

Thanks to modern medical technology, doctors today can transplant small sections of hair follicles to give women a natural and flawless look. This is popularly known as hair restoration. The newly transplanted strands must imitate the place and direction of the existing locks to look as natural as possible. With the modern successful and natural-looking medical procedures, hair transplant for women came a long way.

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