How Do I Make a Wig That Looks Just Like My Hair?

I’ll get straight to the point. I want longer hair. Don’t get me wrong, my first priority is healthy hair. However, I’m coming upon the three year anniversary of my (second) big chop. While I’m happy with how much my hair has grown and the length I have retained, I’m starting to wonder how long I could get my hair to grow if I make some changes to my regimen. This is what my hair looked like post-chop almost three years ago.

It’s grown a considerable amount since then, especially when you consider the fact that I never do protective styles and I almost always wear a twist out. I’ve been on Team Natural long enough to know that most of the women with the long, gorgeous natural hair I swoon over frequently use protective styles to give their hair a break and help them retain length. But as a fashion model, I don’t have that luxury. I must wear my hair out to castings and jobs, there’s just no way around it…but I think I might have figured one out. This is what my hair looks like now:

                                                This is what my Afro looks like stretched out

                                               This is what my ‘fro looks like with shrinkage

Here’s my bright idea. I want to make a wig that looks exactly like my hair. Notice I said exactly like my hair. I don’t want shiny, bouncy, corkscrew curls. I want %100 Human Hair that is the same length as my hair while also being just as kinky as my hair. My thinking is this: If I can create a hairpiece that looks exactly like my hair then I can wear it to most of my castings. That way I can do more protective styling and will only take my real hair down for photo shoots. I figure that going to castings with a wig on is not really false advertising, as long as my real hair is capable of reproducing the exact look of the hairpiece I was wearing when the client decided to hire me. (no?) If I can pull this off, I could possibly see my hair grow longer than I ever expected. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

                                             Typical twist out I usually wear for photo shoots
So here is where I need help. Where the heck can I find human hair that looks like mine? I’ve been searching high and low but finding hair in my texture is proving nearly impossible. Help! I don’t care if the hair looks more like my shrunken Afro or my stretched ‘fro. I just want it to look believable and I want to give my hair a break!

What do you think? I can pull this off right? Any suggestions on how?


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